Wrapping up Mullet's TH400 Install, By Taking it Out??!!??

Why are we taking the brand new transmission BACK OUT???? Tune in to see why!

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  1. So very cool to get the behind the scenes on Mullet's upgrades.
    I wonder sometimes if ole' Cleetus watches these so he can actually see everything he's been told is going to be done to get a better understanding. I know if I was the owner I would be because there's no way I'd understand everything being done from just an explanation…
    Thanks Kevin another great video giving us the incites into the mind of a master craftsman…

  2. I wouldn’t trust any one else if I could afford a race car i love cars just affordable cars but never the less you are a perfectionist shop// Jacksonville Florida

  3. so @ KSR, a silly holiday question for you. I see you have a hooker headers banner. Do you think they are named that cause you pay a bit more, but get a higher quality experience?

    Yes i know the company founder's last name was hooker, but I couldn't resist

  4. Any time I've been around mechanical stuff there's always that one guy that's the local wizard. They're always kind of lanky, talk with their hands a lot, really fast, and never blink. But, they're the ones operating on a level that normal humans can't keep up with.

  5. When I was active duty, our MR (Machinery Repairman) using the mill on the ship and scrap steel, made a perfect 727 aircraft for his Dads retirement it’s amazing what you can potentially do on a mill.

  6. Kevin!! Great video man, very informative. I love the insight we are getting on these cars between channels. Been watching mullet since the beginning. I believe that's when I found out about KSR. ?? Anyway, keep after it, love what you're doing!!! I'd like to work with you sometime. Please give me a job and get me out of this cold climate!! 🤣👍

  7. I wonder how many non-US viewers like me would appreciate a primer on some of the terms used. Road cars in Europe are a mix of manual transmission ("stick-shift") in the majority, and automatic in the (not small) minority; but the automatic gearboxes are not as complex as those you are using.

  8. Get a sound deadening box for your mic if you want to.It will be worth the extra effort and adjustment because it will sound better in your videos. You have a good voice for voice over. I like the format 👍

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  10. This is the ultimate gbody street drag car. What kind of front control arms did you use on this to make it ride on the street so nice and throw down low 7s at almost 200mph?

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