Worst Street Racing Fails Caught On Camera!

Worst Street Racing Fails Caught On Camera!

Corvette –
mustang –
Rx7 –
Ferrari –
Audi + RR –
Toyota Ae100 –
Audi –
2 Corvettes –


  1. General question because I don't race. Besides drag strips are there any race tracks you can use in a similar way? Maybe you rent the track for an hour or something.

  2. People who race in traffic are a special kind of pathetic.

    Could care less about hurting or killing someone else. Fuck off.

  3. I hope they all get frickin' "Darwin Awards"!
    I have NO problem with racing BUT take it to the track and leave your "Hey Mommy, Look At Me" fragile egos off the streets.
    All these idiots do is drive up Insurance Costs for everybody.

  4. Lesson learned, if you are into racing, know your limits, and more importantly know your own car. Most of these idiots barely know how to drive normal let alone race

  5. Honestly if you think about doing this and stuff I can see that you like cars or you just have a mind to do it, but like why risk yourself and the other cars around you it's mostly just stupid and no offense i love cars to but it just isn't much worth it in the highway yk
    (Hope I didn't offend anyone of what I just said I was just pointing out if you wanna do it you gotta think about the consequences I'm not saying I've done it before im just saying before you do it and put risk for others and yourself.)

  6. The worst thing about street racing

    Is that many times, the only people who dies are innocent people, not those braindead motherfucking sons of bitches who started those fucking street race. Shame on them. Please Darwin, apply the natural selection law and punish them.

  7. Almost got ran over by a street racer trying to show off the bit of money he/she has…so im watching this video to soothe my anger.

  8. 1:05 whenever you lose grip and start going all over the place. Rule number 1, 2 and 3. Do not press the brake, that gives you less grip and hence crashing.

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