Worlds Fastest ALL MOTOR Corvette in the 1/2 Mile!

Racing with a Vengeance – Pushing the ALL MOTOR limits! Our friends over at Vengeance racing are NEVER done pushing the limits, especially this car as they continually seek that sweet 200MPH ALL MOTOR pass! This sinister All Motor C5 Chevrolet Corvette brings a little beauty to the dark side with its deep rumbling idle while is SCREAMS by during wide-open-throttle passes! Seeking out their goal of a 200MPH pass has landed this gorgeous chevy as the king of NA corvettes everywhere, while backing up it’s ever so consistence passes during WannaGoFast in Dallas, TX! This is a car we will never miss an opportunity to document because it’s just an AWESOME display of work and engineering brought together by the owner “Fast Eddie” and the Vengeance Racing team!

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  1. i love how he had nothing to say about the 194 pass and 1320 just cut to the next clip immediately 🤣🤣 gold

  2. THIS is what is cool. Not bragging or acting like a hot shot, but being honest, happy and open to the camera man, while letting the car do the talking. I seriously can't stand it when the driver acts like a tough/disrespectful guy just because he has a fast car, never made sense to me.

  3. A lot of crazy people in the comments here but I have to say that is incredible seeing most people out there use some sort of extra in it weather it be a turbo, supercharger, nitro, whatever it may be this guy needs none of it and still getting them numbers. You get very by this guy and he has every right to brag. Unlike all these kids out here that has the extra on there vehicle and runs around saying they can beat anyone. Sure you please t enough money in it you might get somewhere but this guy can honestly say it's all motor.

  4. Man, I wonder what it’d be like to drop that engine inside a Miata. Current Flyin Miatas only have a stock LS engine in them, and don’t have room for extra plumbing. Figured that NA upgrades are the only way to go.

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