World Series of Pro Mod $100,000 up for Grabs at Bradenton Motorsports Park. @mikebowmanracing

Our week at Drag Illustrated’s World series of Pro Mod #61 of the baddest Pro-Mods on the planet 🌎 Don’t forget to like, comment and Subscribe to be entered into our giveaway when we reach the next thousandth subscriber!
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  1. I hate how JJ tries to make it seem like your are just a money guy. You actually do work and that is not fair at all. –JJ mute guy

  2. That car is beautiful, that's the best looking car out there , I've heard it on so many videos from so many people how impressive that car is in person, I hope I can see it this year before it's sold , I'm definitely going to Columbus, I live two hours from the track in oakwood Dayton ohio, so Columbus and Norwalk may be my only chance , possible beech bend in Kentucky if they have that one , I'm swinging for it this year , I have to see that car in person, it's my favorite car and driver and I want to be there to watch this team win , because it will happen, I know it will happen, this is your year Mike , LET'S GO!!!

  3. What a Great start Mike: Racing in the WSOP and a new car for No Prep Kings! With that work ethic, We hope you keep the Chevelle for the WSOP in 2024. See ya soon at NPK! πŸ™ 🏁 ☝️

  4. Awsome race with 61 car on the property. 3.70 was a good hit, you did really well with a small crew. Good luck this seasonfrom the great state of Maine

  5. No Joke I didn't know you did promod outside of npk. Hell yeah I am from New Orleans and live 45 mins from New Orleans now in Mississippi so you know I am a Nola fan but I always went with you whenever you raced I was hoping you could take a npk win home

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