World Records, Crazy Wrecks – Import vs Domestic!

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The Import vs Domestic: Haltech Worldcup Finals is hands down, absolutely one of the CRAZIEST events we attend. The incomparable track conditions at Maryland International Raceway allure the fastest racers from all across the world to come together, and battle it out for BIG prizes, and world records! Here’s a wrap up of just SOME of the insane cars and races that we saw over the week.
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  1. 13:00/ 13:02 if you look closely he does a friggin' face plant. Poor guy was running on pure adrenaline and got right up after his crash!!!! His hand appears to be stuck on the handle bars and it pulled him right into the ground on his face. Shout out to the dad dragging his kids to safety 16:27

  2. I like the way they do alcohol adds with car vids. All the D.u.i. related fatalities in the u.s.a. youd think advertisements would have a little nore couth.

  3. Can someone please answer me this question I am a noob barely getting into the sport but I am questioning why they put street road center dividers on a dragstrip when those center dividers are literally designed to bounce car seats off of them and most of the time they end up flipping because of the way the center dividers are designed those center dividers are literally like a ramp it allows the wheel to ride on the side of them and flip the car so why would the center dividers be at all drag strips I don’t understand it would be cool if someone could clarify the reason whether it’s cost effective or whether nobody has realize this yet.

  4. That whole track was a bit sketchy, but that right lane was in absolutely no condition to race. Every car, even if it ran a clean pass, got a little squirrelly at the same place. (~120’ mark) After a certain amount of cars getting loose at that same point, someone needed to call a time-out and have that surface checked. At this point, it’s not about winning or losing, but rather how many wrecks you’re going to send home. If you keep running races this way, people aren’t going to show up. If the track staff wasn’t going to take the initiative to check the surface, the racers should have pushed the issue. If I win a race, I don’t want it to be because the other guy had a bad lane. I want to win in a clean race.

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