WILL WE SEE A NEW CHAMPION – No Prep News Episode 158

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  1. Hey sim Kayla has a hotrod now she has exactly the same setup as Ryan and there figuring that thing out this is her second npk win so props to her and her team as much as I wanted Justin to win all Ryan has to do is win the great 8 and he's the champ kye would have to win both and I believe he'll win it was good to see the 405 step up and put in work. As always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  2. I like Kayla but MVP come on not by winning two races sorry but Ryan's earned MVP every season so far but it's just what i think but great episode SIM would like too see you talking though TTVE👍👍👍👍👍

  3. NPK…….IMO, if you don't crawl under the motor and don'tget grease and oil in your face, cuts on your hands daily working on your car, your just a driver. Not ever my favorite as the winner. Train the wrench turner in the garage and sit on the sideline.

  4. I'm going to be really disappointed when Ryan wouldn't win after such a season that was full of extra obstacles for him and him still being the most consistent top contender despite it all. Yeah, he has had more struggles too this year and that while this year it was clear it was set up in a way to come and take him down. Still, with this double points system it may be all more exciting but in another way it does take away from someone like Ryan who has had to be as consistent as possible time and time again to pick up points. The question that i'm wondering about is if Ryan wouldn't be such a strong racer and points leader, and the points leaders would vary more, would we then still see all those newly applied rules like the bounty on last years winner and the weight disadvantages and such? If Kye wins this year, would we see bonusses for taking him out and weight added to combos like his?

  5. I noticed that Kayla's car was way louder than any car there. It was earsplitting.

    Edit: Yes, I'm implying that they should have checked her fuel.

  6. I think NPK is going in the wrong direction with some of the new drivers like john odam i’ve seen him treat fans like I dont talk to me I don’t have time for you. That’s not how NPK was built

  7. No chance. By the way , take a look at the leaderboard. Ryan has won 14 events kai has won 2 or 3 so how is he even close? the points are manipulated to keep it close for TV. But in what world would the guy with 14 championships not be 10 miles ahead of the guy with 2 or 3? Its beyond silly

  8. Don't have any respect for any drivers that don't work on their own car! I Agree, production takes over and ruins everything everytime with their meddling! Is it girl power time? I'm surprised there's not a alpha team on the show!🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡💩

  9. If you really like drama and know nothing about drag racing I guess that is what we have, but let me tell it straight up, In reality no way Ryan red lights out early three events in a row. Also extremely curious Ryan has basically had any YouTube posts regarding npk racing in a long time. I personally enjoy watching Ryan race, class, courteous and not a big mouth idiot like some. I feel this whole season championship should be long since over had the powers to be not rigged it, Ryan fan forever.

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