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  1. Have you talked about Lizzy and her Breast cancer news? All the prayers in the world to Lizzy, family, and Kye. I hope she beats this and stays healthy.

  2. This year's 405 show sucked. Drivers are dull and uninteresting. No one cared if they won or lost. Just be done with the 405 show already.

  3. The show needs a leader that really cares and wants nothing but the best cars for the rules at hand. I dont know who is up for that but it aint shawn or ryan. Maybe Dave? Or even chuck. Chuck is a hot head but he did back the team or even fought for the rules at times.

  4. The drivers have made their money, the streets offer little for the 405. The big money and reputation is in npk for the 405. They aren't hungry for the streets. JJ owns the streets now, he's still has hunger and the competitors come hungry and want to win.

  5. The only show that needs to go is JJ's. The rule changes and re runs are BS.
    You can tell by the latest Shawn and Kye's videos they are done with him.

  6. I can't even watch street outlaws anymore. Its gone to far. They are all Professionals racers because that is all they do anymore. Thats where they make thier living. I liked it better when they had actually had real jobs.

  7. They need to bring Big Chief back and normal head to head racing. I like JJ and the Memphis team but that arm drop shit gotta go point blank. I feel that is why they don’t NPK because they can’t cheat

  8. Post departure of, the name we do not mention. Street Outlaws is like Two and a Half Men once Charlie Sheen left. It still has the name, but is on life support!!!

  9. I think depending on how the small tire cash days does will depict their format on what that they do

  10. People should be tuning in to the small tire racing scene I hate to say it but Street outlaws is on its way out look at how much they've put into the show over the last two years the writing's been on the wall even before they went to Australia

  11. Take a break from the "street outlaws" perspective, and look at how no prep is becoming the best paid, biggest internet following, and saving local tracks! The absolute saviors of drag racing IS street outlaws, and it's the most important thing that has EVER happened to the sport

  12. The show need to morph into "all" the big no prep guys running small tire on the street like they care. If you look at all the other outlaw no prep races these guys are trying to get onto street outlaws. The small tire 405 show was the OG 405 guys just jerking around and it was a bad look. There are so many youtube videos of no prep races that just eat the 405 show's lunch as far as racing goes.

  13. You are 💯 % right. The best season was when they had to qualify for americas list. I also like best out of three races ( or 5) because if something stupid happens so you loose you're still in…JJ is/was a chapter in his own but you must also think about about who else could have run these shows? Scott bobby kye Nola? Nope.405? Lutz? Daddy dave? Doc? Nope. Anyone else in memphis? Nope. To be the racemaster and be interesting you need to have something special…I personally like Boosted Gt but that's me…I do think though that this year 405 will meet some of the baddest small tire racers there is in the country otherwise it makes no sense making a show about small tire racing…Peace 🙏

  14. I want to see Jackie. Join another team and go out on 28’s and watch her beat up on people or her and Billie start a team. That would bring in serious ratings

  15. I said it several times. The OG Street Outlaws driving small tire, daily drivers, jeeps, pickups and show cars, and Farmtruck without a Farm Truck as a series, was boring and doomed. I understand that Monza and the BACK STABER Shawn are washed up and can no longer handle the speeds that the cars had evolved to, but no real OG fan want to see this.
    And Reaper? Really, what the F**k??? The change to the show was a disgrace to the series and the drivers, Dave, Ryan, Chuck, Doc, and Dominator.

  16. If Dave, Ryan, Chuck, Doc, and Dominator could go ahead and SHOVE the rest of Shawns head up the producer's ass. They could then have a chance to make the 405-show great again.
    Otherwise, the show will need to pick up a completely new audience, which could be happening. As no True OG Outlaw fans will continue to watch this crap weekly.

  17. I would love to see some list and out-of-town and in-town racing on small tires. That would be real and awesome. Big Chief & Jackie Rules

  18. I bracket raced from 96 to 2007, and when I wasn't racing in my sportsmen class (12 flat or slower), I raced in no box, some as fast as 9s in the quarter and slower. That is why I love almost stock street cars on small tires like this past season. If they go faster and faster, soon it becomes a race most viewers can't relate to. IJS

  19. They never even showed a skit of rhyme whatsoever in the episode or even during the draw and call outs he was not even in there they may have showed it in the bracket but they never showed him or his car or who he was racing

  20. Why don't you talk about why mso wins fastest in America every year. Is it luck? No i think not. This is what kills the show! People who know nothing about racing fckn it up!!

  21. The 405 suck without Big Chief and the show sucks without Big Chief. The 405 never lost on TV with Big Chief being the leader. Nobody on the 405 has the energy and excitement Big Chief has and brings to the show. If I was to guess the 405 show will be the first show canceled because 405 can’t hang without Big Chief. But one thing they need to do is race good teams again and not loser teams like they did in some of the races on the new small tire show.

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