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  1. its +101 deg here in australia, kellys a pussy Lizzy's not their to let him win!! i give Lizzy condos for racing not giving a win if Kelly doesn't like it win more races if you get beat because of points thats tough shit hows that fair on Ryan and the other compeditors who did win the races and all the 405 guys race each, he's probably going to lose next year because he doesn't have the money to beat Ryan he has $1,000,000 car sad but what did the street guys expect putting so much prise money up, all the whinny track guys wouid infect it and spoil the whole thing with out Chief making sure street was going to be fair no Chief no street outlaws. now its track focused i'd just watch NHRA not back stabing clowns

  2. Really, You want us to believe
    1. He will throw away free 100k 959’s
    2. He would piss off his future father in law enough to cancel any Pat Musi Racing Engines future connections
    3. He would piss of future father in law this badly at all
    4. He would force LIZZY to choose sides
    5. He has been 2nd in points 4 times
    I think that’s pretty fucking elite
    6. You don’t have shit for a response from said father and daughter which means your research sucks

  3. I think it will be down to 4 drivers next season. And 3 of the cars will be screw blower. And If anyone is using nitrous they won't even be in the top 10. Unless they do something to what Ryan runs like add weight to only his cars he'll still be the favorite.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. Kye needed to change things up last year. And lizzy at some point is going to need to start her own program with her own team and her own $. Not “hired driver” as kye would say. Pat’s drama. He gets bout knocked out once every season but someone.

  5. Who cares none of them are real racers they even said in videos exposing the street outlaws none of Nola had any previous racing experience and why reaper spent years in prison an Shawn getting his house an shop shot up due to hanging with gangbangers they race under strict protocols on closed streets with rescue and fire department handy you don't see that shit in real street racing an they won't run any road their full of shit ill take anyone of them an race them on devil's backbone in a stock bmw and beat the fuck out them see how your pro mod drag strip cars handle

  6. I say Kye leaves team Nola,Goes Screw blower,and joins one of his best friends team,Swangang and Kallie mills lol,yea I know I'm stupid,but that would make for some good drama!!

  7. Kai is a cry baby The way he treated Lizzie That's not right I have no respect for him no more I lost it all the way he treated her Letter cry didn't even talk to her He aint no man

  8. Kyes original shocker her bought and raced it as a blower car. So it may not be as big of a leap as we think. That Camaro was one of the baddest pro boost cars out there before kye bought it. Then he switched it to nitrous a year or so later.

  9. Before NPK and Street Outlaws the general public knew nothing of Pat Musi. We knew of Kye Kelley because of Street Outlaws and his encounter with Big Chief. We or I never knew what a Pat Musi was. Pat should be thankful to Kye. But he probably never will. He's PM daBoss . Count your blessings Pat and make sure you include MR KYE KELLEY!!!

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