Will Next Season of NPK Be Live On TV – No Prep News Episode 115

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  1. Why not tape the show Friday and Saturday and put it on the following Monday that would save from people being spoilers because the show would be on within 2 days

  2. Because I was at an event and even raced at it they could not do it really live unless they changed the time it started and it couldn't be on Friday because of people getting there to watch. They also have a problem with the time they finish. At Tucson Arizona NPK it went till 1:25 am on Sunday and it started at 12 PM. That couldn't be done live.

  3. I brought this up a few months ago about having a "live pd" style of show w multiple reporters (maybe you sim…hint hint) being followed around by multiple camera crews capturing the action , but there would have to be a delay so they can edit on the fly….and I fear that no matter how small the delay is…ppl will still be posting results just because they can

  4. SIMABCXYZ Maybe stop trying to please everyone, it can’t be done anyways. Someone will always have a complaint. If people do not want spoilers, do not look for them on YouTube. If you happen across a live stream of an event by one of the streamers, don’t open it. Pilgrim, Discovery or anyone else cannot totally control peoples need to know. So you must control your own impulse’s to watch spoilers. Have watched NPK and Street Outlaw shows since they first started and if I see something I didn’t want to, that’s on me. The statement you made about every round except first being in the last 5 minutes you know is greatly exaggerated, but they do spend more time on the early round’s because I believe they are trying to show what it takes for a racer to rise above other competitors to make the final rounds.
    It’s all in a viewer’s perspective and Pilgrim will never be able to control the need of others to ruin something for someone else or to make a few bucks. Pilgrim don’t go ever go live. TTVE 👍😎

  5. I don't think the show is terrible but I hate all the drama. When I catch it on my DVR I usually skip through all the noise to get to the racing.
    The other issue is dealing with down time between races. Pilgrim would have to come up with a way to fill the dead airspace. I don't know how long it is in between races but it is something they would have to think about.

    I was thinking about this topic the other day that this event shouldlive stream in some way. I think it would satisfy most of the people.

  6. Streaming will be difficult. If you remember streaming was almost impossible at the Louisiana show. The guys that keep us posted during the show on YouTube couldn’t post while at the track. That’s the case in Ennis as well. Those are the only tracks that I’ve attended, but I’m sure there are more tracks like that out there.

  7. One of the things I think the show is missing is more activity in the pits…in between races. It’s always the staged conversations in the pits which is one of the most ridiculous things about the show. I think multiple hosts and camera crews all over the track would be awesome. Imagine MNF with just field shots and staged conversations 😂

  8. ##TTVE…Sim, cant agree with you more with spending more time on the semi finals and finals. Speed through the process of all the early round races, filtering out the guys that are not competitive, but have personalities. I think they should stay edited, but get to more of a rapid release schedule. If the race is on Friday/Sat, the show should air the following week on a Wednesday or Thursday. It would keep me waiting to watch as opposed to trying to search for the events happenings and results as they happen.

  9. I have Flo Racing which streams live events. I payed $170.00 for the year and I can honestly tell you that I only watch Duck’s races and some local circle track events. The long events kinda suck because of all the intermissions between classes and track oil downs etc. I went to the Epping NPK race and it was a long day due to weather (rain showers). I think if you want to meet the drivers Friday night might be your best bet because the main show on Saturday has them rushing around between rounds especially if they are having issues. Saturday event drivers had to be in the lanes and honestly that is not the time to bother the drivers. Just my observation.

  10. I’d appreciate a proper stream for it. Nothing overly produced, just some commentators and the feed, maybe the occasional interview.

    Nhra runs multiple classes but even then there is still delay. Like you start the show live on tv in round three , and show rd 1 and Rd 2 pre recorded and then by the time you are caught up and live, you just have the final two rounds to show as they happen. 45 minutes between rounds makes showing it entirely live very difficult.

  11. It’s well after the fact before it’s on TV here in Western 🇨🇦 so even though I have heard that so and so won, I look forward to the TV show so I can see it all !

  12. This is a tv show, doing it live would take away all the “drama”
    that the producers seem to think we want, well most of it is so repetitive and boring, how many times do we have to hear loud mouth Chuck say the same thing over and over when he can’t even make a solid pass, every other team keeps saying, we have to beat the 405, when what they should say is we only have to beat Ryan Martin. Kye Kelly is the most boring interview but at least he’s fast. Have you seen NHRA do live races, they suck. The tv show has gone stale, at least Justin Swanstrom is entertaining, everyone says the same thing. NHRA is never completely live, it’s only the last two rounds. I’m like you Sim I watch a lot of it on YouTube and it doesn’t take away from the show because I don’t remember who did what.

  13. No Prep Kings is my favorite TV show. I watched every episode since the beginning. The only that needed change is the Teams. 405, New Orleans and Texas are the only real teams out there. 405 is my favorite team and Ryan Martin and Jeff Lutz are my favorites.

  14. No Prep Kings should not be live. It's needs to a TV show. If I know who's win it. I'm still going to watch it. And I'm going to watch over and over again when it comes on Discovery+.

  15. Stay a show is my vote.I don't care about spoilers I just don't listen or watch spoilers. I agree with you the pace of the show needs to change and if they don't fix that and fix other issues I don't think it's gonna last . I think fans will get tired and fall off and drivers will quit running in the event. I mean Axe Man and Megladon has quit running NPK for a reason. TTVE
    P.S. The first hour drags on because they show clips from previous weeks show and each team having a drivers meeting/prep talk. And if you notice those prep talks are always the same. I'm diehard 405 but how many times do we need to see Chuck take leader position and say the same thing every time..lol

  16. BTW I wasn't in live chat this week and don't know if everyone caught it but apparently they doing a season 2 of Gone Girl. Seen advertisement for it and the new OKC show during this past weeks NPK episode.

  17. Sim, here is my take on it…
    If they where to do the show as a live event on TV, they would have to race on Sunday too so the days aren't as long.
    I think it would be hard to get the pit talk as well as end of the track interviews and racers chatting with each other on live TV.
    Remember its a TV show first and racing second!
    There is definitely room for improvement!

  18. I agree live streamers or you tubers do spoil alot of events but if they did a live during the show the viewers level I feel would go down do to the fact of people going to bed early for work and ect especially when they are doing the event mid day if it's on like Thursdays or Fridays persay so there's always a plus and minus of the whole situations

  19. I hate it when people spoil it for the ones who wants to wait for the show to air..But I like your video’s and you are getting bigger and you need to have some guests on your show and do a live stream podcast when the show is on

  20. No way it moves to a LIVE event as Discovery needs as revenue and as such I think the show would eventually get pulled for lack of financial support. Just my opinion
    Happy New Year Sim

  21. It’s a show now, they have time to make up story lines and drama but if it’s live then it’s just another NHRA race that is boring and has no fan base!!

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