Wild Saturn Build at No Prep Kings Small Tire!

Street Outlaws live event No Prep Kings has a small tire class that pays out seventy five hundred dollars on the main day. The event is split up into two days where the first day is a cash pot race where they pay in the race and win the collected money. Second day of racing is the main class where the payout is much larger at seventy five hundred dollars. In this video highlighted a saturn car known as the deadbeat. It is one amazing looking machine with its side pointing exhaust sticking out looking like a four barrel of a gun chamber. It is one unique machine that is not very often you see the car brand of saturn anymore. The saturn brand shut down as Kia continued with its lineup. But, this machine put together some good runs in the class and we also included as a bonus race the air scream! Check out the action in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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