Why to NEVER Buy Cheap Steering Wheels.

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For this video, we show the benefits of having a proper steering wheel in my 2jz powered Nissan 240sx- completely by accident. Be safe out there, and choose a good wheel! Thanks for watching!
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  1. I call bullshit what NR and g wouldn't give you a free steering wheel so you manipulated the steering wheel to look like it broke easy technician that's steering wheel didn't come up like that you're a b***** ass liar

  2. The amount of testing OEM steering wheel go through might surprised you- impact tests, bending strength, torsional twist test, push and pull durability and many more.

  3. Currently wheel shopping, and crossing ALL NRG items off my possible options list !!
    I'm iterally amazed just how many wheel vids I've watched where they don't own a wheel puller, especially shops..
    Even i have one, lol
    $35 at Harbor Freight, it's awesome, in a case.. Even has a lock plate remover tool..

  4. Blah blah blah… this is the go to video everytime someone brings up a cheap steering wheel… but ive had a fake takata wheel (50$) and a fake momo (50$) and both held up, no flex or bend in either one… i still use the takata … so it jus depends… 1 shitty cheap wheel doesn’t mean every cheap wheel is shit

  5. These wheels are designed to break under a certain force so they don’t cave your chest in if you get in a big collision. Use a steering puller and this won’t happen 🤡

  6. Guys pls i need help
    I have a slide steering wheel whit inverted leather and it always makes my hands dirty when i rub my hand against the wheel
    Is there any solution for that?

  7. NRG never made a steering wheel with a double stitched color line at the top. However, a cheep brand by the tittle of DNA Racing did. Looks like a cheep steering wheel with an NRG button… Nice try buddy 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. 5:30 ok NOW i understand the title of the video, lol. that is crazy. at least it means cheaper wheels for us sim racers where that is not critical, but for a real car that is incredibly dangerous…

  9. I just saw a post about cheap parts they had your video on there… really glad I saw the post and your video, its really eye opening!

  10. "don't buy brand N cheap steering wheels, instead buy these cheap brand D steering wheels that are prolly made in the same factory in china". Where's the yank test with the dnd wheel?

  11. There's 2 threaded holes in part you wanted off. Make a plate with same hole pattern and another large hole in middle. Weld a nut on center hole, get a bolt same thread and put a point on it. Bolt the plate to the 2 holes and tighten center bolt to walk the base off. Or use a gear puller like you did and if you have one. Guess if you can blow up a 2JZ, you can also break a steering wheel.

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