Why the 986 Boxster is the best first Porsche | The Next Big Thing with Magnus Walker | Ep. 206

Magnus Walker is known for his love of 911s, but for most people a 986 Boxster is the better first Porsche. Magnus meets with PCA Instructor and Boxster owner Tiffani Marie Lewis to find out why these cars are so special.

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Tiffani Marie Lewis:

Episode chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:40 A history lesson
02:10 How it drives
03:44 Meet Tiffani
05:05 Tiffani drives
08:45 Conclusion

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  1. I love the boxster,but I do not want them to be the next big thing .I do not want to see guys buying them up in bulk and sending the value up like they do with the 911.I still hope that one day I will own a couple of them and I prefer that no one likes them

  2. All Porsches are galvanized. So they don't RUST.
    I have SMASHED my 986s for the last 5 yrs, without any issues.
    They take 100,000 miles to break the ENGINES in -That's a Fact.
    They are extremely easy to replace parts for. And you can do all the work yourself.
    IT'S A NO BRAINER…..Top down. Windows down. just go.

  3. I'm seriously considering buying a Boxster and if any out there owns one can you give me some numbers for maintenance costs? Like oil changes and filters, brake work, clutch replacement, etc. I owned a 2007 Bmw 3 series and spent ridiculous money to keep it running. I realize these cars are going to cost more to maintain, but I'm wondering how bad is the damage to my wallet?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. One day I just walked into a Porsche dealer looked at the cars and bought the prettiest one, I knew nothing about cars. it was the new Boxster 2016, and cost me GBP55k. Anyway it was a dream. and I still miss it, never broke down totally reliable. Got kids now, so I have to wait for them to grow before I buy a new one…

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