Why Stick Shifts Are Going Extinct

Die hard drivers love manual transmissions, but they are disappearing from the auto market. Well under 2 percent of new cars sold in 2019 came with manual transmissions, and companies continue to drop stick shifts from their lineups, even in categories popular with serious car enthusiasts, such as supercars.

In 2006, 47 percent of the 305 car models sold in the US offered standard or optional manual transmissions. But that number fell over time. One decade later, only 27 percent of new car offered manuals. By 2020, the number was just 13 percent.

There are a few holdouts of course, and there are still a few sports cars, muscle cars, trucks, and even some cheaper vehicles that still can be bought with a manual. But as automatic transmission technology continues to improve, fewer drivers seem to be seeking out manuals.

Some die-hard enthusiasts cry foul and say the there really is nothing like the feeling of control and connectedness one gets with a manual transmission. They say auto enthusiasts are being underserved by this shift.

While the internal combustion engine is expected to be around for awhile, the small but growing popularity of electric cars stands to further marginalize manual transmissions.

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Why Stick Shifts Are Going Extinct


  1. I Learned to drive on a stick shift, and I've never considered driving one as "work". As it's been said, "Once you learn how, it becomes automatic". I've had a lot of sports cars, always man-shifters, and it really is a totally different experience. As one of your guests said, you become one with the machine. It keeps you engaged, more attentive and always thinking of what you're doing.

    That's not to say I don't enjoy the luxury and comfort of a big sedan with an automatic, I just find the trip comfortable but boring. I'm currently driving a Jeep Rubicon with a six-speed and a 4×4 transfer case, or an extended chassis "long and tall" Ford Transit with dualies and an automatic. I like the auto in the van and the stick in the jeep. I doubt that 1 in 5 of the millennials or younger even knows how to drive a manual today but once you learn, you never forget.

  2. Have been driving since 2005 and till today proudly never owned an automatic transmission car… Lately bought a manual 2022 pick up and planning to keep it in the family to give a chance to my kids to know what is a manual transmission and how to drive it… If a day will come during my life where I can't get a manual car then it's the time for me to quite driving and go step back to ride a horse

  3. Manuals help to lower pressure on breaks. Like in auto we cannot decenend through a hill in 3rd gear. Automatic gear will shift 3rd to 4th gear. Manuals help us to break with engine while auto does not

  4. All these automatic drivers who've never driven manual in the comments like "PFFT THERE'S NOTHING DIFFERENT ABOUT IT BRO". Yal are funny 😂 Chill out, go take some manual lessons and see what we're trying to tell you.

  5. This is crazy to me. This is cut 50/50.I feel like on one side this is kinda being forced upon the people rather than the people saying that they don’t want to drive manual or stick shift.
    And the other side is people that want to text… eat.. have pets in their laps… cannot do so while being so focused. I’m lost for words.

  6. My first several cars were manual transmission, but then by circumstance of needing some cheap wheels, my next 2 weren't and then I was at the minivan stage of life. I miss it, but I don't mind the more efficient automatic transmissions available.

  7. Yeah love it while you can because now they passing a bill to ban stick shifting in the next two years and also a bill banning diesel in all types trucks except motorboats I heard , John Buttigieg an good friend of my that has a Family member that works for the United States Secretary of Transportation told him about it when they was talking about the truck driving shortage

  8. The Snow ❄️ flakes and the demonc 🐀 rats party fraud the election…. Now the world laugh at the U.S.? Proverbs says, the ways of the wicked is hard. Dems party got it's rewards..,.,.

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