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  1. Chief owns his own workshop I believe that is his major sours of income and the youtube stuff is only to keep his fans updated and happy his not even promoting anything on youtube.

  2. I have a mate in the film and TV industry that has worked on some famous Australian TV shows, it depends on your screen time for what they earn, he was saying if an secondary actor or “extra” in the show even just walks through 1 scene in an episode and didn’t even say anything they got paid $750 (in 2005) pay when up from there it was depending on how much they did, so even people like Phantom, Brandon etc would be getting some cash from the show, the main characters just got paid per episode if they appeared in it and rate was usually scaled on the popularity of the actor and how much they contracted for each year, These guys may also have contracts that have add ons like appearance fees for events even if they aren’t racing in them, trade shows etc, they may also have a percentage of the profits from the show and things like that which add up.

  3. Are they getting residuals from reruns? Do they have their SAG card? (Screen Actors Guild), which would guarantee a certain rate of pay based on a lot of factors.

  4. Hey Sim I've heard from alot of people that most cast get paid 10 – 20 K per episode filmed not everybody gets the same pay the more popular the racer is the more money they'll pay them Good Video #TTVE

  5. Between the salary from the show, Merch sales, youtube channels, sponsors, they are making quite abit I'd imagine. Thats alot of streams of revenue. Hell, then look at Ryan, he picked up how many $40k checks last npk season, and the bounty bonuses. Thats a alot of money.

  6. It's NOT what they are getting paid by discovery! It's the sponsorships! We are going to give you free, or discounted parts, to get our name out there. They are getting discounted parts, to do what they love. Ain't no different than YouTube giving $ because they have the followers to watch commercials

  7. All the guys can’t be getting paid the same to be on the show. Shane for example said he couldn’t afford to keep going after wading up a couple cars. Then other guys can build a new car and change engine setups at will.

  8. If they are gonna do npk then why would discovery keep paying any one just tape the race and do a few interveiws just like the rest of NHRA EVENTS

  9. They started out at around 2to3 grand an episode then if show took off it’s 7to10 grand an episode standard deal for all reality show stars. Otherwise some these guys that are on two or three shows would be worth a lot more than 4or5 million and that’s top tier for over a decade just one show. Shit chuck would have Martin money so would chief. No way they get that.

  10. They get that per episode plus the pay for merchandise, social media, 400,000 to win!! Most of street outlaws members become millionaire from street outlaws because they can make money by wins races in the real world of drag racing

  11. I’m sure they get paid by whatever there agent works out for them. Whatever is best for the actor and the company as a whole. I’m pretty sure everyone has different contracts and stipulations negotiated separately.

  12. These guys race in several shows. So they are making a lot more. Plus what they get when they win. Plus the side bets. These guys aren't hurting. Pour some go to other races.

  13. Oh them guys easily the popular ones make an easy 5 some of them six figures per episode if your face appears on screen without being blurred you get paid and let's not forget pilgrimage discoveries losing no money I mean they're offering $10,000 just for somebody to to beat Ryan Martin in a race and then Ryan Martin says that's fine just pay me

  14. They don't need to leave it just like having a job they get to weekly show weekly paycheck not to mention they're going to work doing what they love now I'm not saying I'd want to drive all them miles but hey pay me the money and I'll let you know

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