Why Big Chief Will NOT Return to Street Outlaws – Street Race Talk Episode 334

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  1. Chief has such a following now the money he's gonna make off of YouTube and the freedom it is going to create is better than being on TV

  2. Well wont be seeing swangang for a few weeks!!! Burnt and rearended car isnt good!!! Maybe those guys can get it fixed and back out soon!!

  3. Street Outlaws is real FAKE. And just wait and see and give it time NPK will be real fake sooner or later if Discover has anything to do with it.

  4. Gone from “Street Outlaws” to “Street Actors”. I know there’s no exact script but the racers still perform once in front of the camera.

    People are still going to watch the shows but big chief leaving may have taken a lot of fans away from the show to the smaller real street racing scene.

  5. Chief will do so much better and Midwest will grow to be so much bigger racing real deal races on YouTube. TV is a dying breed.

  6. I dont watch any of the shows any longer, not only due to the Fact Chief isnt there but what he stood for is the reason this show kept going for me. Without that, its up to a bunch of yahoos to make the rules. Chief brings structure and people should listen!!

  7. Maybe they should change the name to Street Cloutlaws NPK? I 💯% agree with you the show’s not Street racing the baddest of the bad…there’s to many sellouts,clout chasers& slow guy’s with big money Hotrods looking for attention vs being the fastest

  8. It would be so cool if Chief and Jackie hosting their own events like JJ does in the summertime. As far as I'm aware JJ doesn't agree with No Prep also and hosts his own successful races. Just a thought. I would rather see an event hosted by JJ or Chief anyway rather than go to a No Prep Kings Event. Thanks 👍

  9. The slow people cried about taking out chase is a race aka JJ and Precious. Legit racing is heads up and fastest car wins but slower cars need chase is a race to compete. Precious is a perfect example 99% of the races she wins are because she jumps big time otherwise she loses. Chase is a race should not be allowed in America's list.

  10. Dont watch any of the street outlaws shows anymore,ive watched from the day one but its not the same,watch chiefs youtube now,look forward to what he is going to be doing in the future

  11. Honestly, you could put the camera on the bathroom sink and sit on the toilet… I don't think anyone would stop watching. (It'd be weird, but whatever)
    If it makes you happy, then it's cool with me. Ttve

  12. Not knocking Big Chief but he should have stayed loyal to the rest of the 405.
    When he was suspended Shawn stayed out with him. When Shawn was then suspended for not showing up Big Chief did not support Shawn. Fastest in America goes a lot faster now. That is what I see. I still follow Big Chief and support them. Hopefully someday they will return.

  13. Chase is a race sucks ,but it a tv show with characters, discover beat on characters over racers ,show sucks and chief saw the writing on the wall

  14. Dude just stop ffs. Let it die. Everyone has moved on. I was at maple grove Saturday and yesterday. I heard chiefs name one time the whole time was there. Let it go!!

  15. Chief and Jacki are painful to watch on their YouTube channel. Sorry, i know your a huge fan but chief checked out when he traded in his wife for a new model. Street outlaws is a tv show, always has been. It's fun and entertaining to watch. Losing one character in the show is no big deal. I don't know anyone who cares what they are doing with the caddy or anything else outside street outlaws. In a year nobody will remember him, just a character that used to be on a tv show…. just like varley, goaty boe, derrek, reaper, shane, boosted gt, freakin rican , and on and on

  16. I started not watching episodes before he walked away, and now, I'm done for sure. I'll follow the drivers I like on YouTube and watch the races using alternative sources. Street Outlaws and the affiliated shows will be dead soon. With the rise in coverage on Youtube and almost every driver having their own channels, the writing is on the wall. The Street Outlaws name has zero meaning now. Another thing ruined by TV/producers and giant media companies.

  17. People can have their opinions about Chief but the core value that I see that guy living is the love of STREET racing. NPK is not street. Everyone needs to make money and NPK makes people money. Chief is fortunate that his popularity will make him money without having to participate in NPK. I hope he is happier doing what he loves to do.

  18. I prefer chief as race master murder nova is too weak to inforce rules he let kye bobby lie about number 1 callouts and that mso bunch are jokes

  19. I love real street. Not changing the rules allowing cheating. I have no desire to watch wannabe prostock racing. Rather watch the real thing and real street racing.

  20. I am starting to not like the street outlaws America’s list as much …. Does discover realize jj has his own show and now this show is turning into a Memphis cheap game cheat racing instead of real racing the chace is the race and games he plays take the enjoyment out of street outlaws.. if I wanted to see this I would watch his shows.. I am sure he is most of the or all of the reason chief is gone and now every day the show gets worse. The faster cars are not winning and to many games with jumping not jumping etc I know after seeing jj starting to take over the show I am about to stop watching and the flagged drama You don’t often see others flagging jjs race nobody has that at jjs show so why does he bring his worse side and personality to this show him and precious should shut up everyone gets tired of hearing them cheat to win and act like they are the best cars out there … the show is starting to show cheating and bending the rules gets rewarded…. Please let me know on your thoughts…. I believe discovery channel is letting Memphis destroy the show and the way it’s going it won’t be around much longer

  21. I love that Big Chief doesnt follow anyone. He is the man, and i think it will bring even more enery to real street racing, especially, back of the track racing and real street racing on super sketchy surfaces. The way it was and should be again.

  22. Yeah sure, and how does cheif plan on recovering the huge salary he's losing from street outlaws because he's not doing it by entering street races. Cheif's problem is he let his little girlfriend into his financial decisions when he should have just kept her out of it. Not to mention you call out Lizzy who's an experienced decorated racer but don't say anything about his girlfriend who was never in a street race before she met chief. I'm glad that NPK is taking over, the only thing they do wrong with that show is they don't do it live. The way it is now you have some idiot with a YouTube channel that can't even hold the camera steady show the race so by the time it comes to air you already know the winner. They should ban all cameras unless they're going to do it live. I don't even watch it anymore because I know what happened already. And as far as the list racing goes, first of all it's stupid, 2nd of all I'm sick of watching them all run around like a bunch of girls trying to avoid racing each other. And as far as the 405 goes, Ryan Martin is carrying the whole team, who else wins anything except for him?

  23. Sorry to say Sim but the fact cheif left the list proves it already is too far gone! Unfortunately they are killing the show by turning it into no prep kings for the street! I think the majority don't like the large amount of them talking and constantly saying the same things episode after episode! Sucks they are gonna change the show right out of existence!

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