Why Big Chief Isn’t Running NPK

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  1. Chief ain't street he ran away from America's list.
    If he was street he would of stepped down from being race master because he supposedly didn't agree with & didn't want to uphold the rules & raced just like everybody else & there was more to it than what he stated, I don't know why he didn't just tell the real reasons why he left instead of just leaving it out.
    I used to be a big fan of Chiefs but lost respect for him now & i will follow the rest of the 405 guys.
    I can't even watch Chiefs channel it is so boring he needs to be out racing that's what people want to see.

  2. JJ is what you call a a Man that loves his Wife.He wrecked his car and was on fire and got out and ran that far to get to his wife and save her and not worrying about his self..JJ you are Da Man..#MSO FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING

  3. Waching the crash and listening to trisha crying in pain was hard to watch. Just glad everyone was ok that could have been so much worse. THANK THE BIG MAN UPSTAIRS.🙏🙏

  4. The golden kong wreck, it didn't roll around a lot but it flipped at high speed and came to a sudden stop when it landed in a ditch, lutz even said as a builder i've never seen a chassis collapse like this.

  5. Has it occurred to anyone that Chief quit because he's burned out from all the TV bullshit and wants to go do his own thing? That he wants to go do what makes him happy?

  6. Cheif has only done what 1 or maybe 2 NPK race's… What are you talking about. Tricia's wreck was definitely the worst. And Mustang Mike's was horrible too

  7. I would be shocked if chief and Jackie raced in 5 races this year. Not a single race with the crow. I'm not hating but Jackie is a track racer.

  8. NPK is a great way to sell merch. Don’t forget that’s how 75% of the teams can afford it (the non discovery appearance fee people). Driving across the country requires a huge amount of infrastructure and parts as 17 races will be destroying engines and chassis. NPK ain’t for everyone, and there’s easier way and more fun ways to make money.

  9. Tricia hurt her hips because she is so small and that car is set up for a guy JJs size. There is no way those lap straps were tight on her. There is a reason people pour molded seats.

  10. So here's the deal … Chief won't run NPK because he has no chance of even qualifying, he'd be laughed out of the park … bs u say … well read the rules … NO NITRO allowed . So no more crap about he doesn't want to or doesn't like npk, it's because he can't compete

  11. I think Birdman had a bad one too in "Fastest in America". I got a question: What ever happened to "Doughboy"??? JJDa Boss's son. Didn't he have a wreck too or why is he not racing with MSO??? Yeah I miss having Chief on the show…. he had a personality that really matches with what is being presented for the show!!! He's a good speaker, host, racemaster,…..etc. Discovery just has to bring him back at least as an advisor or producer!!! In my opinion he is Street Outlaws 405!!!

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