White Zombie Wins DFW Cash Days – Street Race Talk Episode 127

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  1. SIM why didn't you go to Cordova il a couple weeks ago u went for drag week I got home a week late drive truck wasn't anything paying to go home or I would have been there

  2. I was at the cash days event. Was the sickest street race ever. Bare foot Ronnie went out against the mistress first round. Had top end issues. Very close race. Both swamp thing and zombie were hooked up all day. Kye Kelly was letting it hang all day. Think his motor was hurt in the final. Stupid comments about Limpy, the guy puts on the best events ever and not just this race which was bad ass, but your worried about his flashlight/ camera? You don't get street.

  3. Hi Sim! As you know I have been a long time subscriber of your channel and I wanted to let you know that youtube somehow canceled my sub to your channel! I wondered why I didn't see last weeks post ( show 126? ) . I'm not sure why this happened ,but is there anyone else having this issue?

  4. Kamikaze's intake manifold looks like a piece of art. Also dig how Big Chief and Shawn are into keeping the factory hoods on these cars vs aftermarket/ 90's style cowl hoods.

  5. The crews for the White Zombie and Swampthing are some of the most down to earth guys in the scene. I met them at Armageddon and was trying to look the cars over without being in the way but they was like get up inside the car you have to get up inside there to appreciate the details.

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