When Will Big Chief Return to Street Outlaws – Street Race Talk Episode 339

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  1. Sorry….I don’t miss Chief at all. Sim….I know you have big love for Chief, but if you’re gonna talk NPK, America’s list, etc……..you don’t need to include Chief because he’s NOT part of it anymore. Geez, talk about the current racers and give some love to them.

  2. Honestly, think about the appearance at War in the Woods.
    That probably was a win for the event and Chief & Jackie.
    Maybe a cash days here and there.
    Chief & Jackie have successfully left the TV show and may not "need" to return.
    Life is probably much more manageable now.
    It will probably never be "normal", so taking control of it was probably a necessary gamble.
    It seems to have been a good choice.

  3. I don't believe hes left the street outlaw franchise.Just tonight 6/20/2022 i tuned into discovery channel street outlaws America's list.. On the guide (summary of the program) the credits always lead off with Justin "big chief" Shearer – Kye Kelly – JJ DaBoss. Been this way a long time.
    Some weeks they put in Murder Nova, Ryan Martin… But, Justin "Big Chief" Shearer > always leads the cast. Just something I've been noticing. what do you think??

  4. Someday he may want his own show. I hope he was hitting Discovery in the pocketbook.
    Being the Race Master would have to suck,all the snitches telling on each other, crying about having to race down. Hearing about every wet fart,and hang nail.
    It would have to be better going to a different area code, and race as a team, instead of the constant crying.

  5. Can't even watch npk anymore its like the show that never ends. It's goes on and on and on to the point that I really don't give a shit who wins

  6. It’s really hard to watch. seems like jj want to be America’s top race master and seems like production is pushing for that. Don’t get me wrong I kinda like jj but I don’t like the shadiness. It’s to long drawn out bs.. why I like chief is he took what he had and is still one of the baddest cars on the planet not with a 481x or a hemi but a Pontiac engine. Nobody has done that other than mike Marilo he is still Ford as far as I know. I’ve always liked the shows but seems to drawn out. Give me a show with farm truck azn and chief racing small tire America that would be a show to watch

  7. Haven't watched a show since he left or was cut . I find it disturbing that the 405 guys just went on as usual when they all have got where they are because of Chief ,he was the one that was approached by discovery and convinced the 405 to do it without him they wouldn't have half of what they have now and that includes the spin off shows . Their lack of loyalty is enough for me to never watch another show

  8. Look it's very obvious you're a fan, but him coming back doesn't change shit. And if you listen to all the other guys in the 405 they are glad he's gone. Justin's head got to big and he thought they would be begging him to comeback. 😂 When that didn't happen now it's a pride thing for them both.

  9. If Chief does come back as just a racer on one of the shows I think it would raise the question why didn't he just resign as race master on America's list and just be a racer on it instead of taking his ball and going home sort of speak…

  10. Chief can't run with the cars on the show. Justin Swanson is the best thing to happen to Street outlaws. He bring energy and a very fast car.

  11. The longer he is away from the show the more his popularity will wane. Unless he can find away to get more actual racing on the channel people will move on quickly. There are not enough people that want to listen to him talk about carb's for 45 minutes. I'm just sayin'

  12. Lol. Chief mentioned small tire li g ago In his own videos….close to the time he bought the red corvette, and got serious on Jackie's caddy. So why waste time with America's list?
    And YES he was in south Texas to test race, and rented a airbnb.

  13. Anytime one of the originals that has been on a show from day one and all the sudden they aren't on the show after 10+ years makes the show different. Then someone who's been one of the biggest parts of the show leaves it really messes with the quality of the show. Hopefully after everything passes he'll come back and not having him part of the 405 show won't seem right. I've heard he wanted to make changes and walked away after he got into with Precious. If people I've been friends with pretty much my whole and adult life didn't have my back I'm not sure if I could do the original show with them. I'd feel like my friends choose money over our friendship. You can't say they choose to race because we could of all went back racing the way we've always did. I'm not sure what he wanted to change but I heard it was chase is a race and if that's so I want to say thank you Chief for at least trying to get rid of that trash

  14. End-game cars with four links or ladder bars are not street stock and 1000 Hp motors are not street. How many street cars do you know with 1000 Hp or more? Already they are going to a place that 99% of the people who watch can't afford to build or go. They should run it with the stock suspension and limit the Hp to 500. Also, allow anybody to get in not just a group of hand-picked favorites, how excited will that be?

  15. If they were smart they would get Chief and Jackie back for the new small tire season as racers and not race masters. Let Shawn be the race master. That would send the rating through the roof.

  16. So how much of reapers videos are real then it's like night and day him saying chief never wanted to do small tires ECT ect and your saying his idea like how mu h of reapers stuff is truth and such?

  17. I hate jj..he is so annoying. Sorry this is just a chief click bait video. Chief said he aint coming back. They wont even mention his name. I dont really care either since hearing how much of a diva he was. Just dont want them to bring jj into everything cause he ruins it with his crappy chase is a race rules and all his yelling like nobody knows what he is doing. When chief runs out of money and if the shows still on then maybe he will come back.

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