The show that is put on by the spectators leaving the drag racing event TassieNats…a collection of the best over the last few years


  1. camera man is SKILLED fuck im pretty sure i should be livin in ozzy at tassie ae. nz is full of fukwits and asians. i just wanna get otp, do skids and other general skulduggery in fukn peice!

  2. Im from the US, and I am still not sure what a bogan is, but it looks to me like these guys like to party and tear shit up. I could hang out with this crowd. Hell I would even buy the beer.

  3. That's a bad representation for Australia car loads of fucking wankers that have so shitty low powered cars that they all have to put the brake pedal to the floor beside the gas pedal to get your gutless shit to spin it's wheels barely. Look at shit box after shitbox all trashing there shitboxes because a few asshole clowns are telling ya to.

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