What's the best 4×4 pickup truck? | 2019 MEGATEST | Autocar

What, then, is the best pickup truck in the land? Is it the Ford Ranger, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, the Mitsubishi L200, the Toyota Hilux, or the Volkswagen Amarok? Or, perhaps, our extra-special wildcard entry? Subscribe now:

We’ve got all of the major contenders together in one disused quarry for one massive off-road megatest, to discern which of the above double-cab pickups – all four-wheel drive, all rugged, and all capable of carrying more than one tonne in their load bays – is the fairest of them all.

And once we’ve done that, we’ll line it up against the biggest, baddest pickup truck we’ve yet driven: a Unimog U218 ‘implement carrier’, ten tonnes and £100,000 worth of badass pickupery.

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  1. This is fucking stupid review… Why did you eliminate other cars? That's so unnecessary, all cars have Advantage and Disadvantages in different scenarios. Maybe the cars that you eliminate are better to Tow and Rock Crawl than Hilux… Clearly this is a Paid Bias Toyota Advertisement! And don't forget that Toyota Hilux is fucking slow in Highway overtakes and always fail Moose Test stability.

  2. Dumb question here….. are there not full size trucks in Europe? This review said best 4×4 trucks, but these are all mini trucks. You wouldn't be able to tow a useful trailer with any of these…

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  4. It's 2 years ago, and those who believed this must be crying over the "over this stupidity test gone wrong". U car journalist…………big liars

  5. You have used all the low powered versions from each of makers, and two Mercedes Benz to boot, just nonsense, the 3.2 Ranger would have won this if you used it, it supersedes the HiLuxs rein in the market, pretty biased result.

  6. Mitsubishi the best because Mitsubishi is the winner of any rally Dakar champion and car rally, Mitsubishi also the first Japanese made car manufacturer more than 100 years experience in automation industry, Mitsubishi driving performance car very very good when cornering but the Mitsubishi marketing is not much reliable source of spare parts compared to Toyota and Mercedes that why Toyota and Mercedes marketing the top most in the world

  7. Mitsubishi is the winner, because Mitsubishi always become the rally champion car and four by four and Mitsubishi also the first japanese invention car 1917 exist in 1870 , Mitsubishi become the first japanese military car jeep Mitsubishi, truck Mitsubishi

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