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  1. Crybabies ruined the show. Between chase is a race Memphis and cryin' NOLA. Remove Memphis, remove NOLA, remove Texas, remove Cali, remove Detriot, you still have a show. Remove the 405 and you're done! Once they conspired, plotted and attacked Big Chief they sentenced any derivative of the show to mediocrity. Feature Chief, Farm Truck and Azin, the 405 and you have a show.

  2. Sim twice a week you make a video complaining about the show. The show is too long. Need small tire racing. Inviting wrong folks to the race. Gosh Take it off see who's happy then. Racing is not for everybody. For me 5hrs is not enough. Watch the show and if you know racing you know who's program is working. Very simple. BYE

  3. To make the show more enjoyable again…. they really do need to bring back Big Chief! Although it wont happen because production and other racers may have their opinions about the man. He truly is the one who really brings the show together. His narrating, The Crow, his personality are fantastic for tv and must see.

  4. Hey sim the s.o. show lost its thunder when they got rid on there top 10 list then we had the drama and chief was done the show ain't never been the same

  5. Overall i think it will be the best year ever with Og SO smalltire, Fastest in america, Mega cash days, Australia tour that will be announced friday? or saturday at PRI by Lizzy Musi and Pilgrim studios…

  6. I just saw a tv commercial on Discovery for new NPK episodes and they have a picture of Axman on the screen…is he coming back?

  7. What would make it great wont ever happen….. to allow them to act like the real them, like they all do on their respective YT pages. As long as we have Pilgrim making them say and do some of the silly ish that they make them pull , it wont ever be "great" from an actual racing or car enthusiast standpoint. But, like James said, in order to make it on the show you have to be a "character" because thats what drives ratings. A truly "great" version of the show A)Would have to be shown on unedited pay TV in order for us to see everything as it really happens and B)Wouldnt ever make it unless it was independently funded by the teams themselves which we know isnt feasible.

  8. Not sure if the show will ever be what it once was. Too much NPK’s junk, but at least I can listen to your show and read the different comments about better stuff. TTVE

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