WHAT WILL KYE KELLEY DO NEXT – No Prep News Episode 164

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  1. He Ryan just let the public know a week after the season. He put the wheels in motion by ordering parts needed during the season. Earlier interviews he alluded to keeping up by up grading without saying exactly what he's planning. Who knew about his Mega Cash Days Camaro. Everybody ( fans) just knew he was using the Fireball Camaro. Not so.

  2. It’s very hard to keep doing the same thing every time and expecting different results? And with everyone stepping up their game weather it’s Rayon or any one else he may end up way down the list

  3. 187_customs Shawn said in his YT video that Ryan told him Jim Howe was pulling away from him and couldn't make up ground. I think Ryan will be on blower to legit keep up with Odom racing.

  4. I REALLY think that the testing and dedication to the sport is what makes the DIFFERENCE!!! Ryan and Kye, do what they need to do. End of story! They both do what is necessary to ensure a victory! That is a true racer looking for a "V"!!!

  5. Kye Kelly won't switch from Nitrous, you have to remember who his Daddy is , Pat Musi & his soon-to-be wife Lizy Musi ., they will just continue to cry with all their sponsor money and threaten to pull away from NPK if they don't get their way by adding more weight & limit overdrive to the screw blowers and procharged cars .

  6. Hey sim I think kye and that musi 959 ci nitrous monster make all kinds of power his problem is he can't use all of that power losing the tires even when he was in the show stopper he just couldn't put that power down if they can figure out how to do it consistently he can hurt some feelings 😉 as always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  7. It’s not Kye’s stubbornness with nitrous that ended his title hopes this year, if anything it was his switch of cars late in the season that hurt him most. Going to the new Shocker cost him a couple invitational potential wins, the car wasn’t ready to go deep rounds yet to where if he had stayed in the gen 5 Camaro he would’ve picked up more points going into the final round. I don’t think the gen 3 Camaro is a great NPK because of the shorter wheelbase. It would be a great street racer Kye’s new Shocker but he’s bent to race it in NPK, should’ve waited until 2023. KKR will keep racing with NoS.

  8. You are completely in speculation with Martin ! What will Kye do with A smaller cubic inch engine? plus learn all the tuning ? That's where Martin comes in strong ! And at the end you could tell the screw blower cars got figured out and coming on strong .

  9. Kye did have a procharged Camaro built, but traded it for showstopper back because he couldn't get the parts to finish it before the season started

  10. I can't wait to see what rules they change to keep Ryan from winning 4 in a row. But Ryan is way smarter than most. He'll have 2+ different setups ready for next season to take advantage of what ever rules they come up with.

  11. Kye said in a video if im correct its is street outlwas so he wants to use shocker and nitrous laik he did on street i think it was when scott changed to procharger

  12. Ryan carefully thinks out what is going to the best for his operation. Kye , I think is comfortable with nitrous and the relationship with Pat Musi. I would like to see him try the roots blower combo.

  13. Well I can’t see Kye switching like you said he’s close to Pat Musi etc, however if he does i believe he will go all out for the Screw Blower set up especially he’s used to the hood scoop but if he does he will wait for the rule change I’m sure. Have to say I
    Can’t wait for season 6!!

  14. I’d love to see Chief build a NPK purpose Screw Blown GTO Crow and go compete in NPK that would be awesome to see. Very unlikely since it’s not street racing but I thought that was all their dreams was to race professionally or semi professionally whatever they wanna call it. Chief is like Ryan he’s very smart when it comes to racing and tuning/testing etc

  15. Ryan should build a set of engines based on the 4.9 Noonan Hemi – procharger, screwcharger and a 1000cu inch nitrous motor. Then just swap them based upon the track.

  16. Kye will not switch. I think with the weight break they have, the connections to Pat Musi, and Adam, he has been very successful. Most of his issues are self-inflicted. There are many times that Ryan beat him, and if Kye had just gone A to B, he would have won. Kye is nitrous regardless of the results. Ryan is all about results and winning.

  17. Honestly I think you are going to see Jim Howe and John Odom have a great 2023. Jim Howe has been tuning screw blower cars for a long time and with Odom’s money they will be hard to beat. I

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