What This Next Season of NPK Will Look Like – No Prep News Episode 128

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  1. Well you know I'm going to go again to Tucson Arizona NPK event. I just don't know if I will take the van out there to race again. Will probably not make that until a few weeks before. Depends on gas cost and if I have the van ready and tested.

  2. Wow you got to close to the hedge tripper! Nice 👍 looking sharp Sim. Don’t think you could offend me if you tried. I love your show. Love the energy. Keep ‘‘em coming Sim.

  3. I don't care about spoilers that much I also will still watch it but it was asked what is hurting the show and the spoilers and people putting the racers up a lot of people don't like watching things they know the outcome to but me personally IDK

  4. NPK should jus be like any other race like NASCAR, Indy cars, NHRA ect ect. They could make a lot more $ live bc of the commercials, and ratings probably would be higher as well. I’m a HUGE College Football fan, and if I knew a game was bein recorded in front of a live crowd, but being played on TV a month or whatever later, I’d jus check scores and w/e more than likely not watch the game since I know the out come. Yes Street Outlaws is no where close to college football popularity but it still very very popular. And I bet more would tune in on live events, and Vegas would love it too lol

  5. Have you watch James Goad’s (Reaper) vid about the SO drama? Not too sure what to think of him and his vids…wonder if he just wants to stir shit up or if he’s telling the truth. Hard to tell with that guy.

  6. I was rewatching the 1st season of Street Outlaws and it was almost brand new to me, I forgot a lot of what happened. I had no memory of Monza’s son Brandon trying to make the top 10 list. Just curious if anyone knows why his son stopped driving and looks only to be his dad’s crew chief now? Monza and his son put so much into their car, I hope they will get rewarded. Anyway, keep up the good work Sim, big fan of your show, love your passion!

  7. I think if it's close to you you need to go one time and do a live interview that would be awesome to go do some interviews😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯

  8. I live in Ghana west Africa and I’m a big fan of npk. For obvious reasons I can’t watch the races live. People like me depend on the tv shows and spoilers will be a big problem for us

  9. So SIM I'm sure you addressed this at one time or more. but where do you fall with the "Back of the Track" races? I was under the impression that was going to fall under the No Prep News banner, but this weekend was first event of the year for the biggest No Prep/back of the track series "Dig or Die" @ Rockingham and not even a whisper of it. There's enough content out there to piece together results to at least do a small segment on it . There's no spoiler alert for that race. People Livestream on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms so no worries there. You've said on many occasions how much those small tire no prep/ BOTT(I copyrighted BOTT so I'll need a cool quarter everytime you use it in print, say it on air, or even think it…ok a dime if u just think it😂) are blowing up yet little to no coverage. You'd have way more content year round. I get that a lot of those guys actually run way more cash days style shootouts than BOTT, and thus fall under street racing ..oh wait so do a lot of NPK drivers so just small tire bias or???

  10. I could care less about spoilers, I watch the live videos from each NPK event that gets uploaded on YouTube the same night of the event anyway, and I still watch the show on Discovery a few months later too, I’m a fan of all things NPK and Street Outlaws/405.
    Just do the spoiler alert at the beginning of your vids and you’re good. It’ll be fun to discuss who won each event and the points scoreboard as it happens!

  11. I used to watch No Prep family for results on NPK races. I personally love going to Epping to watch the NPK event and seeing the cars and drivers in person. TTVE.

  12. Wus up Sim Man, there are two things I hope to see in NPK this year. Number 1, is a Pro tree. This will eliminate the not jump jumping. Number 2, get rid of those nonsensical teams. Run your race in your lane. Friends in the pits and racers on the track. I guess I am like this from my "no drama" years of Bracket Racing. I even raced against my own brother even though we came to the track together. But they make cash off the drama so there ya go. I remember that ole sand that said, "Give Us Dirty Laundry"

  13. Spoilers don't bother me at all. It's always how they won that excites me. If you ever run in any class in street or strip racing it's always a million ways to win. I lost a race to a guy who hit the gas and his car cut off but I didn't know that and I broke out. So what excites me is how they won not just knowing who won. I would still watch if I knew the outcome of the whole season.

  14. Hi Sim

    I get what ur saying but they won't do it lol

    Even though they totally should

    But I have to say I'm boycotting the new Shit heads America's List

    No Chief No Show JMO

    Screw em

    Bring Chief Back

    Chase is a race pure and Simple is nothing but a hustle. All it does if gives the slower guy a chance to Jump out on the faster car


    What don't these Aholes understand???

    That's why JJ is hustler and not a true Street Racer

    He's a street hustler. 2 different categories. So JJ doesn't deserve to line up against Big Chief or any Reat Street Racers

    Just my opinion

    Long live and support Chief 😎🤘


    Joe65Skylark ✌️

  15. Will you be covering the latest reaper video exposing the "real" story of Big chiefs downfall sim? Very interesting to say the least.

  16. Sim I just had an idea I wanted to put out into the street outlaws world. This might have already been brought up by somebody before, but I wanted to share either way and I feel like putting a comment on your most recent video is the best way to do that. So I feel like we can all agree chase is a race has no business being in America's list which is supposed to prove who is actually the fastest. I do think chase is a race is great in some situations, but not americas list. However, I also don't agree with jump and you lose because then that also doesn't prove who is really fastest. So what I think is a good solution is jump and rerun. If you jump, rerun the race at the end of the night, if one car breaks and can't rerun give them a week to fix it and rerun first off the trailer next race night. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on that!

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