What Really Happened to me at NPK Alabama! Daddy Dave Racing

Well, you all have been asking what happened at NPK Alabama! After some struggles with Goliath mid-season for Street Outlaws “No Prep Kings”, We were finally back to winning some races and getting back to the top of the field. I missed the last race due to some health things I needed to address and was back in the saddle to get myself back in the great 8. Well, things didn’t go quite as expected, Goliath wasn’t happy, and neither were the valves and the heads. Watch to find out

In this video from NPK Alabama, you will see me line up with Ryan Martin, Scott Taylor, Chuck Seitsinger, Shawn Wilhoit, and jeff Lutz.

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  1. Chief can whip that Hemi in Chevy! Tommy and Billy can whip most you on the street.
    You are a top racer, but you guys have ruined Street Outlaws. Without Big Chief the show really sucks. Sorry Dave I don't mean to vent but it was Big Chief who made the show legit.
    Pontiac in a Pontiac.
    I hope you are well.

  2. Back when I wrenched every day we had a name for Audi's.
    "Shit Audi" (said like "shit howdy")
    If you've worked on as many as I have you'd know why.
    SpewTube will probably blank that out for me…..just think of another word for fecal matter.
    Anywho….g'luck old man, a Noonan should serve ya well.
    I still miss the old Keith Black hemis 🙁

  3. Some cars you can only do so much with dimensionally and make them work because, physics makes the rules. When you start moving wheel bases and widths to make them work, they start to look funny and you lose the essence of the car. It's why funny cars are funny looking and called Funny Cars but, yes faster than the the car they started out as being and also, it's not the same car anymore or recognizable as one. All said, Goliath was just a grocery getter once. It's a hell of an accomplishment making a car that exceeds and outperforms what it was actually built for. To think it started life as a humble little low buck Nova family commuting grocery getter, just like any grocery getting Valiant, Falcon, Rambler or Hornet. Goliath fought a good fight.

  4. Dave been a fan of yours since Pinks All Out days looking forward for the new car and maybe but the Nova back to small tire street racing and Goliath would be a beast just for the good old days

  5. Still trying to get confirmation on this rumor, Dave comments? It’s rumored that Discovery is not renewing for season 6. I heard that CNN will be carrying season 6 and Don Lemon will be hosting instead of Boosted GT. It’s also rumored that the name will be changed to “NO PREP QUEENS”. Other likely changes, they’re going to try to make the show more inclusive by adding several transgender drivers (not including Justin Swanstrom). There are also certain terms that will be on the chopping block. You won’t be able to say “hole shot” and “screw blown” will now be referred to as “pully driven power adder”.

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