What happens if you launch in REVERSE your first time Drag Racing… (I was dumb enough to do this)

It was time for the Youtube Callout and my first time drag racing in the C63 AMG.. it did NOT go as planned..

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  1. That track attendant Cold go fuck himself and i'd be VERY happy to tell him to do so. How you gonna be that much of an asshole to your clients? Idc how many times i gotta teach you to stage, we're here to learn and get better as we go. I swear to God, if i were the owner, and saw this video, i would fire the dude immediately.

  2. Nice runs , we all have been in your shoes at the track before, so no worries…you had the courage to keep trying despite the miscue!! And most of all you had a good time

  3. That guy in charge of lining-up the cars is a complete tool. Doesn’t have to be so rude – his job is less important than working in a toll booth. Same as fools at the gun range that make people even more nervous instead of being direct, yet professional. I realize people can get hurt in these settings, but that still doesn’t excuse a shit attitude.

  4. Gentlemen, the color of the McLaren at the start of the video is pronounced "KOO-ra-SOW", named after the island in the southern Carribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela.

  5. Crew member is supposed to act professional and that means talking to patrons professionally not condescending and saying things like all right we're going to go through this one more time where's your front tire you're too far back up. Should have called him out for being an ass. He's one of those people that gets uncomfortable with everyone watching him explain something to someone who's new at that drag strip. Authoritative little jerk.

  6. I worked at a Drag strip for many years doing exactly what that guy was doing waving you up. It’s not at all uncommon at a track for some to be confused … no worries lol

  7. Not much one for drag racing, prefer the streets, but damn you learn so much regarding launches and consistency regarding your car and what it can and can't do in drags when you actually attempt it like this. Love your channel, keep it up ✌️

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