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  1. MSO would not miss them one bit if they never put them on the show again. JJ was hilarious his first year with the big wheelie that time I'm talking about but after that he back door chief got his own show and whatever that cash show was I forget the name of it fastest in America or the one that he won all the time every season three seasons in a row. Just lost interest in him and his crew. Like I said wouldn't bother me if they didn't come back. But I would like to see Chief come back

  2. I don't mind JJ that much. Not a fan of chase is the race or arm drop. Much prefer Limpy's style of starts. Seems more fair and much easier to verify jumps.

  3. JJ is what happened, they are about the hustle and not the racing. No body want them around. JJ is a crook and look into who he really is. Memphis is done, just like Street Outlaws New Orleans. It just the evolution of the TV show. It's all a TV show and if you don't fit your out.

  4. Over saturation ofJJ and his bs, chase is a race, the sister wives, the old bracket car routine, as much as people say JJ kept it real, he’s a yes man. And it’s worked he’s made a lot of money and he’s a known man. Butt maybe this is still fall out from the americas list stuff and the Fastest in America being automatically in the finals first couple seasons. JJ is running just as much full blown race cars/pro mod as everybody else, he just expects most people to not see it or know the difference

  5. People will always love JJ. For sure he is a promoter. But he is also a loud-mouthed creep. That never shuts up and will cheat anybody anytime and make you feel sorry for him. Quite an act that is quite thin.
    Go ahead and hate me. Look around at the crowd at his events. See what you see.

  6. They got dangerous, letting cars change lanes and counting wins . Jumping the start was damned near mandatory or the camera went to them crying that they didn't want to race anyway. Always an excuse and always talking about how everyone has so much money in their cars,JJ isn't broke,he has the same amount of money in those cars, if you watch closely he has several of each car, you can tell by the interior (dash) told on most. They're going to end up killing someone else on that show with those rules or lack of

  7. After reading comments on forums and listening to videos, after all these seasons and different shows, I have come the the conclusion that so many drag racers and drag racing fans are a seriously spoiled bunch……

    We have multiple TV shows with 4 digit horsepower cars, in every configuration, of different makes/powerplants and dozens of "colorful" personalities driving them on less than ideal surfaces and STILL complaint after complaint. Ewww….I don't like this guy, Ewww…….I don't like that rule, Ewww…….I don't like whatever. Would you rather it all go away???

    Here's a suggestion for all the people who continue to bitch and moan about every little piss and shit that triggers you. Do yourselves a favor and stick to the Kardashians and Ru Paul's "Drag Race", since finally getting TV coverage of fast door cars on marginal pavement, after decades of NO TV coverage of these types of vehicles is too much for your delicate sensibilities.

  8. Dude the just so happened that Memphis won against what 16 teams I think 3 years in a row. The reason people can't stand them is because it's all fake or there cheating big Time. There's no way that there better than 3/4 of those other teams and people told them over and over in the comments to the point JJ would turn off the comment section. I truly believe that they are the closest thing to a family of Gipsys I've ever seen. They hustled knowing that it wouldn't last long, seriously they don't talk about their family how can you keep a secret of what happened with his son. They only let you see what they wanted you to see. They are a special kinda family, they treat each awesome but come on. In this day in age when everyone has a freaking camera but you don't see anyone showing footage of them, outside of what JJ puts out. There are blogs after blogs of street outlaws and it's there own footage but with Memphis, the only video out there is what JJ puts out. So how in the hell do they stay away like that. The only people are gypsies.

  9. The new 405 show is gonna be the same thing as the MSO show. No more Cash Days no more top 10 list. They're gonna just be racing a bunch of different random people just like MSO.

  10. the concept of street outlaws is turning into a NHRA meet not street guys anymore as soon as it went to the track million dollar cars that's not street racing discovery his killed the whole concept I haven't watched it since they killed the 405 was gone, NPK is full of Track guys and with their whinny arse pricks, I have no interested in watching DD, RM,MN the only true street guy and didn't go the way it has gone is Big Chief so i only follow him i unsubscribed from all the others

  11. I think the reason Memphis is Not as Popular is, JJ and The Memphis Family Are Not going to ACT. They Like Many Others Do Not Like The Way Pilgrim Wants To Control Your Life. Plus if Memphis was going g to Keep With Having a SHOW. THEY WOULD HAVE TO QUIT REAL STREET RACING. JJ Would not have hardly any JJ's Arm Drop Races. JJ and MSO Family are Real Deal STREET and That Does Not Fit Into The Way Pilgrim Wants The SHOW to Reflect.
    No Facts to This. Just My Opinion. I Know This By Watching How JJ is Because of How He Was Raised. His Mother Apostolic aka Pentecostal. As My Parents are both Apostolic/Pentecostal.

  12. JJ the Boss is like Charls Mansion, he has everyone around him brain washed! Look how he's creating a commune like environment. This was hard to watch and I love anything racing, this was just to weird. I cant believe you didn't speak on this! Isn't crazy how he says there all family, this is just how this kind of stuff starts! Please tell me you see this Sim?

  13. Memphis is way better and faster then 405. The 405 r slow and not fun to watch. They have 2 gast drivers. Ryan and Lutz. None of them can beat jj trisch or axman. They can take the 405 off the air. Nola is better to watch then 405

  14. I like how Memphis Does it Real Retro Style Racing Door cars over 3000Lbs Rolling down the Street Arm drop best style of Street Racing Good Video #TTVE

  15. One thing is the rules jj has and the worst is the fact that him or one of their team always is the race starter and it is always easy to see that they have small signals between each other so they know when or when not to go at the line and it's plain and simple they are cheatin

  16. You made good points about that show being rammed down our throats and the quirks of JJ’s races. That said… I think they’ll be back as they spent 2 seasons developing characters. Maybe during the first show of their next season they discuss what really went down between Chief and Precious.

  17. The whole street outlaws shows has changed way to much and everything is controlled by the discovery channel what we see, what we hear, and what we are told thats why I stopped watching everything from discovery is FAKE.

  18. Whole franchise is about done. All the shows just got more and more silly chasing dollars until it got unwatchable. I can't listen to RM say "I'm not going to take (insert any of the same 20 names) lightly" one more time.

  19. I like JJ and company and their rules. It's about the hustle and closer to what I would guess real street is. Just keep this on their shows and not bleed over to the 405 or Fastest in America shows. NPK is un-watchable.

  20. The problem is Hollywood likes drama. Real Americans want to see fast cars without the bs. Jj killed the show and the fukin moron is gonna kill all those girls he throws in 7 second cars with out any real wheel time,just like he did to Doughboy. Fukemall

  21. Simple to figure out oversaturation, rules, but can you really hate on them for it no. 405 show wasn't really doing anything and becoming a drama show. 405 was divided and didn't look like it was gonna last. Discovery needed something to keep the Street Outlaws alive. Can't hate on JJ for cashing in and helping his family. Better then the NOLA show.

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