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  1. As far as the legal action, those things don't happen bang bang. It will be a process of a couple years at least. In the mean time Discovery/Pilgram could choose to settle with the Fellows family rather than let this drag. I know people will say he knew the risks but the counter to that is, you were making a TV show and you have to take the necessary actions to keep your cast as safe as possible. They got lucky and didn't lose Tricia and she hit a bunch of cars parked to protect a camera.

  2. Hey sim man it sucked to have to go thru something like this but like you said discovery did an excellent job in the presentation of this episode. As always keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  3. Ryan Fellows raced on that road for years before SO came to town. He had two cars that he raced on the street. He and his family knew the risk even if they never expected it to happen to them. I have read on Reddit that Datsun wasn't built very safe and the cage crushed in on him and they couldn't get him out because of that. Also I thought those tanks had rubber bladders to prevent the fuel from dumping all over the car!?!? I am just a fan and this is what I read. I don't know what is and am NOT saying it's Ryan's fault. This was an awful ACCIDENT and I feel terrible for his family. I wish they didn't feel like they had to sue SO. Maybe there's stuff we don't know. I do know that the road wasn't for everyone and was hard to get down. Best Regards

  4. So they can't race on that Vegas road nomore so they raced in Cali at a camp site to finish the season and that we're mega cash days was filmed too

  5. They knew the dangers and they signed up for it although it was a horrible thing that happened and nobody deserves to pay the ultimate prize he still agreed to do it I'm sure they have signatures covering their asses

  6. So sad to see this young man loses life. Prayers for his family and him and his friends. But on a different note, why did JJ get to use a different car and not use a chip or anything to come in that hummingbird he ran against Kai is not the hummingbird he ran in Las Vegas bottom line

  7. What happened is a amazing racer was lost. And later on in the episode they played there games with kye avd jj every time they showed slow mo that time they did not. So kye had to re run with a hot motor and jj who had data and a hemi

  8. In my 23 years as a Motorsports announcer here in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve had the tragic experience of witnessing the passing of four meaningful and impactful lives. All from the mx world, and all in different circumstances preceding to their untimely demise. One of them occurring on the very last lap of the very last race of the very last event of the season.
    A tragedy such as this will occur only when you least expect it… Only when your guard is all the way down

  9. They finished the race at the same pace they did mega cash days I believe. So sad to hear about Ryan he was a great guy super nice 🙏 to his family

  10. awful what happened! i know this is off subject but does anyone else think it was weird they never showed any footage of jj and kye at the line?? i hate a conspiracy theorist but they have should the slow mo on every single close finish except that one

  11. They finished the filming at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. They were filming Mega Cash Days there and finished up Fastest in America at the same time.

  12. What team was Ryan on, I feel terrible that I don't remember him😢 Also, who was he racing and were they ok? Prayers for Ryan's family, this is truly heartbreaking. I believe that Discovery handled NOT showing any footage as the best thing. Out of respect for everyone that loved and did know Ryan, this coverage was not necessary to be viewed .

  13. JJ lost to the shocker and that not showing the slow mo proves it is rigged in jj favor. Will never watch a jj show again

  14. What about the 1st race Kye and JJ and it was to close to call and they never showed the clip of the finish line anf just reran the race

  15. That explains why people were saying they were on the west coast for fastest in america filming when the start of filming for mega cash days came around

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