What Happened at Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Alabama….

What Happened at No Prep Kings Alabama… It was an interesting race to say the least, but not all bad! Be sure to check out the Shocker Club Patreon if you are interested in even more behind the scenes content! www.patreon.com/kyekelleyracing
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Videography & Edit by Jeff Killingsworth


  1. How guys flying. Remember first time I met you was at our local track in Louisiana. Took my son who was a boosted gt fan. Then I look over and there is a 3rd gen looking sexy minus a door missing. Lol all seriousness my first hotrod car was a 90's iroc camaro, no t-tops but interceptor package etc. Nothing special but to a 18yr old its amazing.
    So i had to go see what this beast is about. Awsome car well used but all those runs had love. If I could have found a door for you that I would have 😟😂😁 was great weekend meeting you. I spent my teens reading
    Years running bikes. Cars. And trucks on almanaster and area.
    Hope to run into you if you pass through or near houma. Check out our toys, have a beer then take your for a flight. Ttl and congrats on your Har fought season.

  2. Heck of a turn of events, Kye. Nobody can say the entire KKR team didn't do everything they could. When everyone gives everything and there's nothing left to give, there can be no regrets. We'll swing by and see Adam soon and shake his hand for his amazing efforts in person. We'll meet one day and do the same with each and everyone on the entire KKR team.


  3. Kye and Lizzy y'all rock! I was there but I was in a wheelchair and had to move. So we couldn't find another spot where we could see. So we left early, sorry we didn't have a chance to meet y'all! Peace hope to meet y'all soon!

  4. Kye, you know that you are at the top of the list, that you're fast and quick. There are a lot of things that need to line up to earn a title. In my books you don't need that title. You earned that long ago.

  5. Kye, first and foremost congrats on a GREAT season! Met you at NPK in Palm Beach! Honest question though…was showstopper REALLY faster than NPK shocker? If it was why was David Gates so far behind in points? Driver mod? Lol

  6. Get them next year just be happy everyone got through the year without injury this sport is a dangerous as the come cars getting faster might be time to slow them down a little before someone gets killed I root for everyone your doing what you love and being happy while doing it it's the little things you take time to enjoy makes the difference

  7. That gumbo looked like it was going to be good y’all should have shown more of that it looks like a 10-15 gallon pot and all that sausage had potential. It’s oyster season down here now so this weekend we are finally having that fall bushel

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