What goes into rebuilding an 11,000-hp Top Fuel dragster engine? | Redline Rebuilds Explained

Fair warning: This is a long one. But there’s so much to talk about when you get to go hands-on with an 11,000-hp supercharged Hemi V-8 from Tony Schumacher’s U.S. Army Racing Top Fuel dragster! We suggest you grab a beverage and get comfortable while Hagerty’s Davin Reckow and Ben Woodworth sit down to discuss the finer points of this nitro-fueled monster, which was featured in our latest Redline Rebuild time-lapse video. We did our best to answer all those burning questions you had, but let us know in the comments if we missed anything.

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  1. Really stupid editing by these guys going from gently talking to sudden ear rape levels of full throttle top fuel dragsters in the middle of their run over and over.

  2. It would be so cool if they were to build other V8's from other countries like these drag cars. Like imagine a Ferrari, BMW, or Jaguar built like these top fuel dragster engines with blowers and everything. Basically this technology on foreign V8s would be so damn awesome just to see the "What if ?" Come true. Wish I was a billionaire i would totally pay for the R&D for this to be possible

  3. Very good and in-depth video! My favorite automotive sport has always been F1, but at the same time I've always been more fascinated with top fuel drag racing. It's incredible to see the technology, money, ingenuity and blood, sweat and tears that go into this sport! It's crazy in every aspect!

  4. Supposed experts here prove they know nothing of what they are doing. The freeze plug comment was one such comment. Freeze plugs dont do anything except fill in the casting hole. They do nothing else. They were designed to do nothing else.

  5. Is there an equivalent of this engine but 2 cylinders? So each cylinder produced about 1375 hp, so 2750hp 2 cylinder with blower and all. Like some mad scientist cut off the other 6 and put the two in a Mini Cooper or something

  6. Freeze plugs have nothing to do with saving a block from freezing. All they are is ports for the sand to get out of the water jackets when casted.
    These are obviously billet and dont use any water. Soild.

  7. That was awesome guys watching the whole video. The part where you talked about where they Dyno the blower I rebuilt the a huge air pump that looks basically similar to a huge supercharger. The housing and rotors and all were about the size of a little bit bigger than a mini fridge and we had to put it on a horizontal Mill to turn it over to make sure everything work fine in it and you talked about covering your ears yeah when we Cranked That Thing Up to operating speed the hundred sixty-eight thousand square foot shop everybody was like covering their ears and saying what the hell is that and the amount of air moved was ridiculous. It sounded like a heavy lift helicopter or something inside this shop it was so damn loud. Anyway that was very cool watching your video though thanks a lot. And congrats on the kickass engine rebuild heck yeah!

  8. The comment on the carbon cover for the headers the way I think the lighter you can make everything the more stuff you can stuff in the hauler

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