1. Great to see you again. I enjoyed the video.
    Did somebody get a new truck??? Looking forward to seeing the next video. Truck Safe Brother.

  2. Glad your back! I enjoy the information and detail you provide about your truck, trailer, and load securement.
    If I may suggest one improvement it would be a better microphone or a better location for the one you have. It difficult to hear you sometimes.
    Thanks for taking us along and be safe out there. 🚛

  3. Truck looks good sir. Kinda wish you were still pulling the big Mac step deck. It looked good pulling it. But I'm sure not tarping anymore out does looks.
    Thanks for posting a shot of the old 379. I told ya that truck brings back lots of good memories….did he shorten it???🤔 And it's hard to keep up when your working everyday. Someone else was comparing themselves to some big rides at the 75 show. I told him you pulled in loaded and left to go to deliver. A lot of those trucks either don't haul loads or took weeks off….so same to you….it's a badass working show truck be proud.

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