We Get the Kings Civic back on Track! Dyno went rough! Track went Right! #psca race3 prep

In this episode we work on Kings automotive’s drag civic!
First we put it on the dyno after having transmission issues we take it to the track and a couple passes we know it’s on track to really flyin!

Thank you for all your support we appreciate you guys and all the love you give and the rad gifts sent thank you so much!

Official merchandise and race parts found here


  1. That subaru is flying!!! Id love to see more content on that! Cool seeing Jaime and Javier working together helping customers!

  2. Hey Guys,
    Have I just gone insane, or does that Civic have a Fluorescent Green Dildo for the Shift Knob?!?!??😂
    (Sure looks like it!)
    Still loving the content. 🤙
    Kia Kaha,
    Grant from NZ.

  3. Brent, I need a favor man. I'v spent thousands on tuning a build h22a turbo and cant seem to find a good tuner. going to be in VA, Norfolk ? any time in the future?

  4. Congrats on the EPA ruling by SCOTUS. EPA is not allowed to be judge, jury, and executioner now related to the clean air act. Only congress can pass regulations to go after PFI that EPA could then enforce…. Hopefully they now stop their war on small business….

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