“We can make 2500HP at 40 pounds of boost” | 4200LB twin turbo street car RIPS!

THIS is our kind of street car! Nice and heavy with full interior and all! How do you make up for being so heavy? WITH A TON OF FREAKING POWER! As if watching this car do it’s thing down the track wasn’t enough of a treat, we got to see it at Import vs Domestic! Why is that special? This Redeye Challenger is lining up with cars like Honda Civics! Polar opposite cars with different strategies makes for some CLOSE racing!

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  1. This was a great video! The race was AWESOME! The guy behind the red eye backed up everything he said the car could do, I can't wait to see what it'll do when it sheds some weight.

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  3. This reminds me of that red cobra and civic match up like 5 or so yrs ago lol cobra got waaaay out on him but the civic pull the scorpion “get over here” and reeled him in like this. I do not under estimate those little cars after that

  4. Its all motor! This is the most the old Chrysler Hemi design has been used and tested in any motor sports. The car and driver protests this! I have much respect!

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