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  1. Lost all respect for axman he was probably the fastest but that chicken shit stunt hiding like a child he didn’t earn it and I think he lost more fans than he gained 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  2. SO- Memphis, 7/19/21, if they do this show next year, I think they need to make a RULE about hiding?? really sucks that the LAST episode was so bad…

  3. I stopped rooting for axman when he threw a fit like a child when chief called him out. Now he hides like a punk at the end. What a bitch.

  4. they should definitely get rid of: The hiding, the games and chase is a race for next year, am I the only one who thought most of the races were cheapened by all the guys jumping? There were very few drag races and alot of jumping and sitting

  5. Ye I lost all respect to ax man he refused to race chief then hid from kye he cannot say he is the true no 1 for them 2 reasons good job sim

  6. Thanks for another great live stream Sim I hated this season came to the end but we will definitely be back in chat soon. See you soon 👍✌️😎

  7. I thought about a YouTube channel.
    I own a small motorcycle shop in toledo Ohio. We drag motorcycles at the track and the street. Do you need editing software or does YouTube supply it

  8. WOW, did his stream really devolve to talking about spicy food and McDonalds?? AxMan is a joke and a disgrace to his team. Make hiding illegal and drop chase is a race! Let's see who is fastest without the games! Another YouTuber, Jeremy East, summed it up perfectly!! AxMan single handedly put a dark cloud over this entire season.

  9. Just go with flashlight start get rid of cases is a race and keep everything else the way it is. If there’s no chase JJ probably won’t show up

  10. That was one at one of the horses races that I've ever seen a bunch of cowards hiding you couldn't find them what the hell kind of races axeman a big crybaby you don't want to race nobody I Kelly kicked his ass that's why he wouldn't come out of hiding

  11. Disapointed in Axe man hiding and playing the games. Take a call out like a man. The Axe man and Kye Kelly should have been the last and final race. Really enjoyed the series , even with the games that were being played.

  12. Street outlaws is a total waste of time now. It went down hill faster than the cars. None of the cars are street cars. Nothing but bs games hiding jumping its all bs. Most of the races in the top 20 was the same guys racing eachother over and over. It proved nothing. .
    Murder nova showed his true colors. Not really fare to single him out cause alot of them did but with that said some of the guys showed they are strait up good guys and racers. But all in all im done with it.
    Its Drama Outlaws… Two Lane Drama Top…

  13. it really stinks that discovery let it happen that way with everybody who watched every week and wanted to see a clear cut winner just to have Axman run and hide I guarantee Kye, Big Chef or Bird Man just to pick out a few would have been on the starting line waiting for Axman to call them out. Actually Reaper would have been there waiting with 3 cylinders down

  14. This season really did no favors for Cantu and Ax-man. I lost some respect for Ax-man, but I'm interested to see if he responds to the criticism he's getting.

  15. Does anyone remember how Chief played with the flashlight and fumbled for Axeman to lose number 1? No one is clean in this game imo.

  16. Daddy Dave said on Boosted's pod that the whole time he was in Nebraska, he only had 7 degrees of timing instead of like 35. I dunno what that means exactly, and I guess it's not a simple thing to check, but that's what he says.

  17. Axe man uh how many times did you really race, did more time ducking then racing! Number #1 means you'll race all comers and not bitch out! Kye can whoop that ass along with the 6 behind you! No respect due!

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