Watching The New Episodes of Street Outlaws Americas List!!!


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  1. Question for ya who thought of the Cover of the new show its some futuristic car I've never needs doesn't goinside with street racing @ all lol

  2. Another great night of live chat with the SIM man. This is a good way to start your week every Monday if you have not joined us we have a awesome time #TTVE 👍✌️🏁🏁🏁🏁

  3. LoL! Didn’t see in the comments but did anyone else watch the after show and hear Big Chief keep calling Boddy Ducote Bobby Bacardi? Not sure if he was just being Big Chief or what but it had me rolling!

  4. I had a same question that someone asked about. "Why they put an ice in their cars ?"
    They seems to cooling down Water or Air or Fuel . Is this correct ? TTVE !

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