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  1. Hey buddy, I hope you were kidding about asking Chief what the meaning is behind the 405. Just in case you weren't… it's the OKC area code. Keep up the good work 👍

  2. Missed this whole show live Sim and I apologize, but I completely agree with what you said about Chief and Jackie. Honestly speaking if Chief isn't racing and Jackie isn't gonna be there with him then i won't be watching. Thank You Sim for clearing some stuff up, it is greatly appreciated!#MIDWESTSTREETCARS

  3. I just can't get my mind around big chief not racing America's list because of someone like her.she was the slowest one there last season and will be this year also. She don't belong there. I mean really!

  4. My opinion about this is there is no street outlaws with out big chief . There is no npk no Nola or no Memphis street outlaws. He's the guy that got everything going. I respect any decisions he makes because if he leaves he Will have something else immediately. I would almost bet my life that as soon as this story broke he's already got offers from other people already. Bet that for sure

  5. Sim dog you did an amazing job delivery the news about chief and Jackie, you are the best out there. I wish more ppl would know about you. It s crazy the amount of people out there still think chief and Jackie are there and calling me stupid and don’t know what I’m talking about.. I told them to watch your video and be watch the chat because Jackie was in the chat if it was bullshit you were talking about Jackie would have called you out.

  6. Hey buddy what in the heck is up with Chuck and Daddy Daves mouth and attitude ? Particularly Chuck, he’s always negative on Chief. He needs to remember that life he now has is due to Chief. He per-trays himself like he’s all that. He had one decent season and that’s only because Chief and Dave got new cars and started at the bottom and when Chief caught him and beat his ass Chuck cried like a Baby. They talk about being a team (Chuck) and it starts with Chief they need to get behind him and really support him and be a team instead of being so dang insecure and why does Chuck need to go to everybody else after there race he feels like he needs to act like he knows what is going on with there pass when he can’t even get his car down. I know that I’m on a Chuck soapbox but damn I’m sick of his ass.
    Thank you for your show.

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