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  1. I respected JJ for stepping up his game and adding 2 pro charged Hemi cars to show he could compete with everyone on Americas List, what I don't respect is that both JJ and Discovery trying to act like they are the same Zip-Tie. Anybody who knows anything about those type of cars or is a loyal follower or the show knows that there is obviously 2. And they even push it so hard its even more obvious "oh JJ said he's gonna put his big tires on" as you can clearly see wheelie bars sticking out the back. Even if you didn't notice the pro-charger through the front bumper you can here the total difference in the sound of the motor. Also obviously forcing Don to say "i think rolling over did it some good" trying to act like it was the same car that we all saw roll over just a few episodes before

    You Zim even talked about it on your show and even showed a picture of the car from cash days on Discovery Channel and talked about how he purchased it after and painted it to look like Zip-Tie. I absolutely love Street Outlaws, it is by far my favorite show on TV and has been ever since 2013. So why does production treat us like we are idiots and try to fool us, like back in season 6 when the had Shawn say " I wish me and Chief had our cars here" and then they put in a shot right after it where you can clearly see both cars and Goliath which hadn't even been on the show yet?

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