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  1. For JJ to make it to Trish’s car and help her out, man, he’s one tough SOB! It was awful seeing Tricia in so much pain, glad she’s doing a lot better now and way ahead of her recovery schedule.

  2. Hope all is well Sim, sorry I haven't been active as usual. 2022 hasn't been the best for me. I'm trying to catch up on all the videos. Have you had any luck on finding you a Pontiac? I was excited about that project. Stay safe brother TTVE

  3. I was one of the biggest fans,until murder Nova went 1-11 and still got to try out for list…dominator or young buck should of Made it before him… got out of fireball's ass

  4. Hi Sim.. great show!!! Regarding Chief vs Reaper and attacking the fans doesn’t play well for him … like we said last time he won’t do an interview with you because he hates Chief and his fans ! He has so much anger management issues that he’s not making sense and making it harder to believe him. ( don’t play his game) .

  5. Sim, let me ask you a serious question.
    Wouldn't it make more sense on America's list for it to be: winner of race one be number 14, and loser be number 20, winner of race two be number 15 and loser be number 21, and on down the list, all separated by 6 spots, instead of coming to your last race being winner 18 and loser 19. The way Shawn did that makes no sense. What's your opinion.

  6. Maybe I'm the only one but I stopped watching fastes in America because mostly i don't like chase is a race so I completely stopped watching
    Now America's list is starting to bug me to the point i don't know if I want to watch
    I want tonsee who's rhe fastest not who can out play out trick the other driver just line them up and let me see who is fastest who is the best driver
    I also feel besides jj nit one of the Memphis drivers could win straight up races so whats the point of so many of them on the list besides axe man but I don't think if him as a Memphis team player
    Let me know how wrong iam maybe I'm the only one thinking like this

  7. Good lord that accident was the most shocking event ive ever seen on the show. 2nd would be cheif rolling the white crow. Prayers for both jj and trish

  8. Hey I was watching Ryan Martin's channel and he said that chief isn't going to be on the new small tire build show. He mentioned 4 people and chief wasn't one of them. Can you verify any of this. I mean he bought that corvette. Did he bye it for nothing. He definitely can still use it to go racing with Jackie.

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