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  1. Sim, another great night of ST Outlaws!
    I like Monday nights because it feels like a family night!
    Bunch of car guys watching & chatting about Monday night racing vrs football.

  2. Man I have to say it’s really ok I’ve watched one and it’s the first one I’ve watched in along time they all look happy now for some reason idk 🤷‍♂️. I like chief but do you think that the 405 thinks he abandoned them.

  3. You are there though, you are top of the food chain. Limpy I'm sure would be happy to do an interview with you. Ide rather it be on your channel than someone else's

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if other drivers leave the show TBH, you already heard Shawn say if they made him choose that they wouldn't like the outcome, we have already had other drivers leave the show. Maybe not as big as chief. Andrade, Derick, Shane and so on. I'm sure those shows take a toll on them and at some point it's going to get old for them to continue to do.

  5. I think Chief and Jackie are super nice. I have won 2 shirts from their YouTube videos and the second one I even told them I have won one already and if they wanted to they could pick another winner and they said no worries you earned it

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