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  1. you are way to invested into big chiefand Midwest to be unbiased if even a few things reaper said are true it changesmy opinion on who chief is as person mr ride or die 405 did bail out on his teammates

  2. Sim, I think S.O. is trying to legitimize Chase IAR, in the Street World, where the Street world Hustle is eating it up on the jizz track and social media. The REAL Street Guys that actually WANT to know WHO is FASTEST are Chief and the ones with BALLS to stand up to that. Street Outlaws as a whole stood down. I don't like that. However, very cool to join you all on the live stream for the first time, although late and hey. . . Faster is better ! That wool coat is fast my friend, I like the black and remember " THE MAN MAKES THE CLOTHES " . Good to hear your in the gym and having fun, I love that place. I did more in the gym than life, so life became easy, a joke, so told life what to do . . . ha ha another hack that works. Go to Natural News for Health ideas and just great stuff a lab guy can offer. Adams will tell you about the things that survive the lab and he uses himself, good times !!

  3. Sim, enjoyed your livestream, I’ve watched most of your videos, but that was the first time I’ve watched a livestream, it was very nicely done!!! Also, I really am getting to hate “chase is a race”, I don’t mind it if it’s a race that JJ is hosting for his show, but for all the other shows, it needs to be stopped.

  4. I personally think that won’t ever do this but wouldn’t put it past production but if they ever made JJ the race master for Americas list that would 💯 piss off all the 405 fans, only reason why they would is because he flags. It is the 405 show so shouldn’t be Memphis rules tbh, save that bs for his show fastest in America “besides 405” just makes no sense almost like they are trying to combine the 2 since they have tight schedules with NPK etc so don’t be shocked if they swap race masters soon. Also would love to see Chief in 405 OG show if they still film it racing old school teams like Nola, Texas, Cali, NE, Detroit etc! Get back to the roots. This 25 car list makes no sense! Call outs won’t happen ever with list shake ups and timing so if you have a bad race your stuck at the bottom of list for season and only 6 of the 405 guys are on it but they tried to have all the MSO get on list see where they trying to go with it..

  5. @Sim ABCXYZ dude have you watched the latest video Reaper put out about what really happened with Chief and America's list?… Very interesting.

  6. Seems to me that the shows are mixed there is no difference now JJ is running things his way not the 405 lists more like the fastest in America.

  7. So i fast forwarded through all the drama just to watch the racing…….as far as I could tell the closest thing there was to a REAL race was when Kye Kelley took a single……hope you're enjoying your chase is a race……I'm done watching this crap.

  8. I am done with J.J. and all street outlaws ! Chief's passion for racing was what makes it a great show, without Chief it is junk. I was a racer myself in my younger years so I understand the passion and rush from racing.

  9. my 2 cents, Chief's video he said he definitely was there to race and had a spot on americas list2, How did he have a spot since he was not in top 5 from 405 races regardless if he was top 10 on last years race, shawn had to race his way in. Reaper and chief definitely have bad blood but reaper is no longer on the show. I think reaper is laying it all out on what is going on and why would he lie or make that stuff up. If Big Chief was done wrong why didn't any of the 405 racers stand up for him and as a team agree not to do the show until things were changes. I think there is way more to this story than we will ever know. I don't think you can discredit what reaper is saying either……

  10. My issue with the beginning of the show is with what Shawn said.. that “We all are the list, no one should be in charge of it alone! (Paraphrasing).
    Chief started this list, he took charge of the complete show, he made rules to involve all different kinds of racing, i.e. chase is a race, call outs etc…, he also flagged, kept everyone in line for the most part and he had the respect of the racers. Shawn, Lutz and JJ can’t hardly do it by their selves! When you involve “Everyone’s” opinion, you will have issues and a cluster in my opinion of course. Shawn started out disrespecting Chief in my opinion. I’m not trying to start anything I’m just calling it as I saw it. What are your thoughts Sim

  11. Let be honest, Chief mislead everyone in his video. Reapers account of what happened in the drivers meeting is 100% true. Chief didn't talk at all about why he walked off the set of Americas List in his video. Now if he doesn't like the direction of the show and doesn't want to return, I can understand that. And good for him for doing what he feels is right. But he shouldn't make it appear like he left because of the that, when he didn't.

  12. We all know that chief thinks hes something else (IN MY OPINION HE IS) and that's one of the things that we like about him!

  13. Love all yours Youtube stoff !!
    But what about Reaper´s: "Big chief roast"?!? The hole thing is going just sad, just go on with the show and enjoy those race´rs that are left in this season… OR?!? am i wrong?

  14. To tell you the truth, I miss big chief, not the same at all!!! And they all have no problem, not even bringing up his name, sad, but chief to me, is the real street outlaw!!!!

  15. I just watched some of the Reaper vid and the beginning of the show I missed. First, Grown men don't paint their toe nails SHAWN, wtf, and then we have Reaper, Can't say I think anything but Reaper is like seasoning in the kitchen, he did say Chief is a primoddonna, O.K. , thats lame if you keep 25+ people waiting, aside from that Yawn.

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