Watch BEFORE buying a Y pipe for your Q50!! – 1320 Performance

A review of how the y-pipe has performed after a week of driving. Was it worth it? Links to my exhaust components below!!

High Flow Cats (to prevent CEL):
Y-Pipe Collector:
Muffler Delete (if you don’t go custom):
Stainless Tips:


  1. Thanks for the review, definitely going to get this y-pipe now! Best bang for the buck, seems very affordable as well. Can’t wait to get mine! 😁

  2. I have the full gthaus catback exhaust, except for the Y-pipe. It’s some ebay y-pipe. I was wondering if I ordered a branded 2.25 inch Y-pipe would there be a difference in sound and performance? Also, would it have an even fitment?

  3. Congrats on a new subscriber here! Quick question

    If you had to choose between just getting a y-pipe, or just getting some kind of test pipe/high flow cats, which route would you start with?

    I already have muffler delete with 2” pipe, everything else is standard pipe size, so I am trying to figure out if one of those routes will have better results that being considered.

  4. Hey man Just installed a 1320 y pipe on my q50, I have a leak at the mid pipe flange.. (stock mid pipe) wondering if you had the same issue.

  5. Hey man how come I can't find a 1320 y pipe for my 2017 q50 3.0 the only ones I can find are for earlier models. If I don't go with that I'll go with a Megan racing y pipe

  6. Did you have a tune after you installed the Y pipe and collector? Or did you notice the performance improvements with no tune?

  7. This might be a silly question but did you notice an increase in sound because the infinity already have a nice deep note

    For example I put a J pipe on my Acura and it my car sound deep

    Thinking of getting q50

  8. Great video like always , very detailed and helpful, what are your thoughts on a y pipe vs true dual set up? Reason im asking is because i installed hfc and im debating weather i should go with an aftermarket y pipe or run true duals to a resonated x pipe instead of stock resonators. Thanks

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