VW Golf GTI v Clubsport v GTD: DRAG RACE

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if the new Golf GTI, GTD & GTI Clubsport went head-to-head in a drag race? Well if you have, wonder no more!

Mat’s on hand to find out exactly how VW’s GTI variants will compare when they hit the track. And when you look at the stats on paper, they’re relatively similar!

Starting with the engines, all three are powered by 2-litre 4-cylinder turbos (the GTI & Clubsport are petrol, while the GTD is, of course, a diesel). All three cars come equipped with launch control, and they’re all FWD!

However, when it comes to power output, that’s where a few differences come in. Starting with the GTI, it produces 245hp & 400Nm. The GTD puts down 200hp & 400Nm, while the Clubsport tops the power output leaderboard, with 300hp & 400Nm.

So will it really be a walkover for the Clubsport? Or could the GTI or GTD spring a surprise? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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  1. Should have included a regular 150 hp Golf for reference.
    -> Every drag race on the channel should include a regular 150 hp Golf for reference to see how fast the tested cars are versus a regular car we can see on the road.

  2. Vw are such a cheap skates not putting a 4 wheel drive in the clubsport and wrf is even the point of clubspotrt its basically front wheel drive golf lol

  3. I’ve had an R (troublesome) but brilliant and steardy.
    I’ve had a 7.5 pp Gti and it’s easily the best daily , way more comfortable and efficient and USEABLE power
    I currently have a Gti mk8 clubsport and it completely beats the R for enjoyment but must admit , the normal Gti is all the car you ll ever need

  4. i have leon cupra just now the 290 i have it if i want until feb 2023, but could hand it back anytime from now if i wanted, doing 25k a year mileage, i thinking of the gtd to offest the costs as i get 30mpg from the leon, im 45 and dont really give the car a hard time, does any know if the gtd would be as quick on the day to day driving i think my costs eould go up by about 125 a month but fuel costs should off set te extra monthly costs, i would hope, any one any thoughts??

  5. How to destroy the GTI reputation, bring out the club sport version???? What are VW thinking. That was probably the most boring race I've ever watched, VW have lost me

  6. I’d like to see the Bmw 125d (f20 engine) against the Golf Gtd, Mercedes A220cdi and the Audi A3 Tdi . Come on Matt – Get it sorted!!! Real down to earth cars , we don’t all own Rs’s , Mcars or lambos … 👍

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