VW Amarok V6 v Ford Ranger V6 Dragparison: Drag race, sound test & 0-100!

As promised, here is a set of performance runs and then a drag race between the 2023 Ford Ranger Sport V6 and the 2023 Volkswagen Amarok W580X! It’s much closer than we thought it would be!

Some things to note – this is the only spec of Amarok we could get our hands on. Despite all of the equipment it has on it as part of the W580X pack, it’s still around 50kg lighter than the Ranger.

Big shout out to Berwick Volkswagen for helping us out with sourcing the Amarok! They have stacks of these available, so if you’re in the market for any Volkswagen products, please have a chat with Mervyn at Berwick Volkswagen!

Ford Ranger V6 v 4 cylinder drag race:

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Skip Ahead:
Intro: 00:00
Engine specs 1:18
Sound test 2:56
– Amarok 3:32
– Ranger 5:30
Drag Race 10:05
Results 18:09
Verdict 18:21

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Paul Maric:

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  1. Ex Landrover tech here, the v6 they are going putting in both utes goes very well and can have anything up to 306 bhp depending on tuning/turbo configuration, great engine but my god it explod’s way too often! Apparently though they are going changing the crankshaft from cast to forged which is there main cause of failure so hopefully the newer one may hold up a bit better!

  2. The guy doing the countdown cannot countdown to save his life. Why does he say 3,2,1 then pause for another 2 seconds before saying go? Lol

  3. It's all in the tyres, they make a massive difference. By the way, that cluster is the worst thing I've ever seen in the ford

  4. The Ranger having a Land Rover engine Just put me right off I take it the ranger comes with 24/7 breakdown service. I will be looking at something else

  5. A sound test on diesels engines….why not do a sound test on sewing machines…maybe better…No smart person would ever buy a VW ANYTHING….Especially a truck…

  6. I think the big difference in this challenge comes down to engines!

    One( Ranger) it’s brand new, still needs to drive more to become more loose!

    The other( Amarok) has been an used car, with its engine driven many kilometres away and the engine more loose then Ranger!

    To be fair they should have the same tyres and brand new cars, brand new engines or both used engines as same kilometres on the clock!

  7. I don't understand why you need to drag race pick ups. Pick ups are supposed to be utility vehicles. I don't care if my pick up is the slowest as long as it does the job I bought it for.

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