VP Racing Fuels Launches Speed Sauce Plus New Injection Fluid

VP Racing Fuels, Inc., a global leader in performance fuels, lubricants, and additives, today announced the launch of VP Speed Sauce Plus injection fluid, a new ethanol-based injection fluid designed to boost more horsepower and torque.

“Following on the heels of our hugely successful Speed Sauce introduction, Speed Sauce Plus is formulated to provide even more horsepower and torque,” said Bruce Hendel, Vice President of North American Sales – Race Fuel and Consumer Products for VP. “This new ethanol-based product surpasses the power boost of methanol-based injection fluid, delivering extra power and octane on demand. The scientists in our lab have developed another industry-leading performance product.”

Speed Sauce Plus delivers on its promise –

Provides 4% more power than methanol-based injection fluids
Produces up to 15% more horsepower/torque than stock, with proper tunings
Delivers added octane when needed with the ethanol’s >115 octane ratings
Less corrosive than the methanol formulas
99% renewable and less toxic than methanol formulas

Both Speed Sauce Plus and Speed Sauce are available in 1-gallon bottles and cases of four gallons.

For more information in North America, contact VP at 844.737.0900 or cpinfo@vpracingfuels.com.

For International inquiries, contact +302.540.2026 or international@vpracingfuels.com.

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