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Estate cars make a fantastic choice for those who fancy a bit of extra space, but with saloon style handling, and the Volkswagen Passat has been a class leader for some time now. The Passat combines acres of space and practicality with the premium badge feel Volkswagen offer, but at a hefty price in comparison to rivals. This begs the question, are cheaper rivals such as the Skoda Superb estate or Mazda 6 estate better value for money? Perhaps the Audi A4 Avant is a more appealing option? I answer all your questions and more, and showcase everything this Volkswagen Passat Estate has to offer in this 4k video review.

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  1. I actually whiz down back roads in my VW Passat Estate o_O Also the adaptive suspension has advantages over the normal suspension even if you always keep it in "normal" as it can adapt to all kinds of situations like adapting the rear shocks based on bumps the front felt or to reduce body roll while cornering (even in comfort mode there's usually shockingly little body roll even when cornering hard). The normal suspension can't do any of these things.

  2. The Passat was literally the car I've been dreaming of as a kid… Dammm… 🍻🇩🇪

    I dunno why, but I really like such Kombis.

  3. The equivalent Passat wagon was $23,600 in 2002. that's $32,900 today. This 2018 car was under $25,000. Goes to show how cheap plastics have changed the car business.

  4. Hi guys, it would be nice to include some technical details of the car, like steering will system for instance, or the gear box specs etc. Peapol dont buy cars just because of the way they look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I had one of these off Europcar for 12 hours, it broke down, was replaced with another one with 213 miles on it, the interior was falling apart, then it broke down, less than 48 hours and 2 broke Passats, they replaced it with a 508 with 14k on it, never broke in the 3cweeks and 3 thousand miles I had it

  6. After hiring one of these for a 1000 mile round trip to Glasgow In R trim I would say the road noise is considerable and the seats re not great for long distances. However good fuel economy and steady motorway cruiser. However active cruise control is prone to emergency braking on the motorway for no good reason.

  7. I have the 2015 GT model, but regardless of that, the back seats do actually fold flat if you raise the headrests up a touch. Just a tip from an owner, fantastic car btw, I can fit most of my earthly possessions in it…

  8. Typical auto journo who complains about the tow hook not being electric.
    You buy a 10 year old car with an electric tow hook that Still works.
    When it the system breaks, it's about 1500€ to fix it.
    While this system will keep working for as long as the car works.

  9. Front grill really looks good gives it nice wide look, car is overall good looking, if you look insignia its really pretty car so is mondeo or 508, but when you sit in passat there is quality feel that you dont get from competition, 2.0 tdi is so good, everything works perfect and thats why passat is best in class, its really just so good for its money, and best thing its really nice to drive in way that it feels much smaller than it is, and comfort is great and it will hold value after many years

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