Vegas vs L.A. – Street Racing SHOOTOUT!

This was one crazy night of street racing! We witnesses a twin turbo 5.3 S10 with a stock motor (besides a cam) make some NASTY passes, a $2000 street race, a Foxbody do a bumper stand on the street, and the type badass street racing that we live and breathe for! Thank you Cali for making this night such as rad time!
Check out more videos from this event:

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  1. the flash light person should turn the light in diff timing so people don't guess hold it after 6 sec or 3 sec and even 8 sec will eliminate the guessing

  2. Thanks for posting. One of my favorite vids you guys have posted in a while. Brings back a lot of memories of when we used to have organized runs out in So. Cal, before the F&F craze and lame FWD garbage. As a matter of fact, I recognized the blue first gen Camaro from years ago.

  3. Mad respect to the first gen nitrous Camaro that jumped for being the only manual car there… too bad his second hit wasn’t as violent as his first

  4. The most of them "jump"
    No Limits Team come in L.A
    We search so much for many teams who present L.A but we still wanna race with the best you have.Did you know any?Answer too me and delete that comment.

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