1. Without a doubt, this was not what I was expecting! Completely blew my mind when they pulled that cover off! That being said, man o man this is a sweet ass car! It really is beautiful and I'm betting that Ryan Martin and Kye Kelly are. Sweating bullets because I have a crazy feeling this car I gonna be fast!!

  2. Love the fact he keeps windows trim doors handles looks really nice and look like a street car in asteroids awesome job Dave go for the championship next year

  3. daddy dave always coming with surprizes but are we really surprized tho 🤔 S5 AUDI this is gonna be faster the the goliath good job dave and his team your gonna take the streets over with that beast 💪

  4. Well I got to Say being from the UK This Car is 💯🔥, I see Audis everyday But Not Like This,This Has to be The Best Looking Car on NPK Now, Goliath is and will always Be my Favourite Car But This is Right There with it.
    Congratulations Dave Beautiful Car,Can't wait to see you Make a Hit in This Beast

  5. Dammit Dave!!! Wait let me pick my jaw up off the table! Okay! Absolutely stunning Hot Rod for sure!!! I had to exit this video and get a real shot of the new hot rod! Incredible are the first words that come to mind! Also what comes to mind is NPK wins! I see your time coming very soon! Once you get over the new car blues, your going to be in the winners circle with that new car. Ryan is in the background wiping sweat from his brow.🤣🤣You know what he's thinking, "Man I better get a good look at the front of this new hot rod, cause I'm only going to be seeing the back of it next season"🤣🤣You deserve it brother! And screw all these guys saying wtf, and talking sh*t about it being a audi and all that. Don't even take a second look at there BS talking. The only thing that is Audi really is the body, and a beautiful body at that! The rest is full on HOT ROD! Good luck brother and it is going to be fantastic to see you dragging the competition!!! 👍👍💪💪✌✌

  6. So, when do we get to see the car? I saw a red hood, a red door and a red fender. Guessing at some point the entire car will be revealed?

  7. Hey I don't care what EVERYONE ELSE SAYS I love the car it's BEAUTIFUL and I love that its a AUDI?? But like ass holes everyone has a Opinion it's different she's a bad bitch

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