Unveiling Daddy Daveโ€™s new car. Sema2022 Live

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  1. This is why I quit watching these people have more money than good sense it's become more about how much money you can spend on a car than about racing and it's dam sure not about the street

  2. Beautiful looking car , wishing him lot's of luck with it and hopefully countless win's with it but I do have to say I still like his 62 Nova better ๐Ÿ‘โœŒ.
    ๐Ÿ˜ˆโ˜ ๐Ÿ‘โœŒโœŒ

  3. My underwear grows tight with anticipation?
    Vegetarian is an old indian word meaning,….'He who sucks at hunting"?
    On the next Oprah,…….."What the color of your stool(poop) say's about your personality."?


  4. It's not an A6 it's an S series I think it's an S6 or S7 and congrats @Upshift on the clickbait thumbnail because from the little shot of the side of the car it kind of looks like a newer Cadillac and even though Dave has been faster than he's ever been this year it goes back to me saying he doesn't keep up on maintenance and he runs his car until it breaks and then that takes him out of the rest of the races for the weekend and hopefully he'll work on that now that this car is done and even if he has to take parts off one car and put them in the trailer for the other car just to have spares until he can build up spare parts for both cars I would do that as far as the engine, trans, and rear gear goes because I know he's not going to have both cars at the same track unless he runs one in the Invitational and one in the Outlaw Big Tire class like Chuck and Ryan did for a few tracks to have both car's dialed in and I think a few other people did the same thing

  5. Good I hope all you b**** that want to kill a baby go to f**** jail for the rest of your life how dare you take an innocent life you're f**** disgusting and you're a pig amen for tutor Dixon

  6. If I've been daddy Dave I would say y'all need to back up some they're all like right up on him now I know why people put those dividers up around their cars

  7. Wow that's not a Proline Hemi why would he use a different engine builder when he has such a good relationship with them they even tuned the Proline Hemi remotely.

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