Unsuspecting Foxbody makes 1700hp (Coyote Powered)

There’s something to appreciate about these rarely seen 4-eye Mustangs – especially when they make 1700hp and retain a Ford motor! Mark (owner) is no stranger to drag racing or the 1320video crew, as we’ve seen him racing all over the midwest for years. But it was extra special to see Mark this time around – down 100lbs from the last time we ran into him, having a blast and kicking ASS in both the True Street and Small Tire classes!

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  1. That 4eyed Fox looks good. Those cars are growing on me the older I get plus I’ve had a 87-93 fox an even the last pushrod stang the sn95. Maybe a 4eyed fox next?? I’m positive that I’m 100% done seeing how much horsepower a ford factory 5.0 block can take before you split it down the middle!!! The answers well known and it’s about 425 safe and 500++ if your trying to blow it and don’t care and its a bit more complicated than that sometimes people say more but It takes too long to explain that on here. But ..That’s just getting started in the LS or New LT GM blocks or the expensive Coyote fords. I want a high revving V8 that’s NA for a change for me. I want a fox mustang coupe that can stop and turn (also new for me) with a high rpm small displacement v8 like the old Chevy Dz 302 kinda. Now who is paying???

  2. Still got a GM trans though 😂

    Very nice 4 eye 👍

    Wonder if the new 7.3 will take the crown eventually? If They can make it cheaper than a coyote and sbf. Id consider one. Depending on how strong the block is of course. It's got to be better than both for me to dump my SBF though, other wise whats the point

  3. Am I missing something…other than not being tubbed…how is this Foxy unsuspecting? Lol, the old 4 eyed are so awesome. Had Doc in back to the future had one of these, he would've never met marty mcfly

  4. Love that he build a 4 eyed Mustang What has to be done to a Coyote motor to make it capable of staying together at 1700 HP?

  5. my neighbors building a short bed step side single cab 99 ford f150 w/ a coyote twin turbo street sleeper. Looks stock other than the bags. These are the cars and trucks that will be collectible in the future, not the millions of ls swaps IMHO.

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