Will July Destroy Some Drivers In NPK – No Prep News Episode 142

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  1. The new 405 show will be great, I've seen Ryan Martin's car already and it's amazing. End game will be good if you can excuse jj just to see the great takes from the others…I mean jj is the issue with SO brand..you can link decline in ratings when he arrived and he's not going anywhere because he pimped his cult out to production

  2. Mate when are you Gunna get off you're arse an give us some different content surely you have some work that needs done to Betsy .have you been to a race in person you could get the news all the drama first hand ?? food for thought mate..shit turn the garage into you're studio man cave mix it up Sim ..

  3. Last year they added 2 event hopping for someone to challenge Ryan because if they didn't he had it locked up…this year they added great 8 points and 2 events that pay 1.5 points and still double points at the end…they literally change rules every year to help someone beat Ryan

  4. Hey sim I think guys like Justin and R.R will benefit from the break as it will give them more time on the new setups to get them dailed in as best they can as far as the other peps you would think they would be getting all the maintenance done on there hotrods and restocking for the next half of the season don't know how they are going to get all this done filming a new show so yeah they might be a little spent by the time they come back . As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  5. Ryan,Kye,Lissie,Scooter etc will be fine. They're totally prepared. They knew this was happening long before the general public knew. They'll pick up where they left off. I personally think NPK will come down to Ryan winning Championship before the last race and he'll be competing to win the last race and close out the season. The only challenger I see would possibly be Kye Kelley unless they meet early in rounds like last week and he gets eliminated and Ryan keeps going rounds.

  6. I would rather have a 100 extra points going into the second half of npk and doing all the filming than 6 weeks off and am 100 points behind…. does this make saense??

  7. I like the break for the NPK racers.Alot of new cars will be shown/revealed after,gives alot of racers time to test and gives other racers time to do much needed repairs.

  8. LP reacted d ryt way, she is Savilaa.Uno need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve *considerationsb. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

  9. I was curious about the new show till i saw that JJ is a part of it i never hated JJ but I'm so sick of seeing him and his loud mouth if the 405 wasn't in it i wouldn't watch it they got there own show i don't watch it because he's on it i wish they would leave him outta the 405 stuff and bring back the cash days and Nola show i like them better when he wrecked i was hoping the car was totaled so he would be out and if someone hates me for saying that well i don't have the middle finger emojie or i would put it here ten times over😡😡😡😡😡 TTVE👍👊✊🤙✌

  10. Bear with me for a sec.
    Something is bugging me and I believe it is the big elephant in the room. You notice we have not heard from Chief in regards to why he left and all the reasoning behind what happened down in South Texas, and the show didn’t address it. If he comes back at any time in the next couple of years, He’s not gonna say anything to any of us.
    And you say “No way he is coming back“
    So you’re telling me that he has no interest in racing the fastest cars in the nation, whether it’s NPK or whether it’s America’s list, or weather is fastest in America??
    So you are saying, that he built a purpose built car, and doesn’t want to race it against all the other purpose built cars that have been built in the exact same time frame for the exact same original reason?
    So what you’re saying is, when he goes to build another big tire car at some point, he’s not going to want to race Ryan Martin, and Ryan Martin is not going to want to race Big Chief, and a car (The Crow) who was top 5 and racing at the top of last year’s America’s List against the best competition they could find?
    So what you’re saying is, for the past 10 years big chief has been gathering together all the fast people in America and racing under ideal closed conditions, and now intends to give it all up and race Limpy’s races?? Really?? For how long before that bores him to death?
    Chief is prepping that Corvette for something, just like Shawn, Ryan, Lutz, JJ.. I get it and I know, probably not this year but Chief built this empire and I just can’t believe Pilgrim just let him walk away.. you gotta admit, it makes for great tv.
    I think something is up at Pilgrim.
    And I am just going to leave it at that.

  11. We know that the MSO family do race their cars both on big tires and small tires. So I'm sure we'll see hummingbird, ole heavy, and Axe Man on small tires

  12. Everyone knows it's not as good as it could be,listen to the big man,lol,lol,for real if chief was around or involved it could would be better…..

  13. Dude to film a whole season they would have to film damn near every day umm I doubt there filming these shows like you think I think there just giving the racers a break this year they think the schedule is grueling I used to race 4 nights a week and test and tune on Thursday we never took a break until the season ended, ya a 6 week brake is gonna hurt them I wonder how many driver are gonna Race there way in at the next race, there a company kid there all about the money if they can squeeze some more out of ppl they will, I also think if Ryan wins this year he will no longer be on the show next season, S/G can’t win he won’t listen to anyone he’s been running on 6 cylinders this year 7 all last year and he ain’t listening to an ex-racer/mechanic that knows what’s causing his problem he just keeps running it that way he’s not too bright kid and he can’t drive to save his life a trained monkey would do better

  14. UPDATE: We will go live for the first hour of the season premiere of Street Outlaws Endgame! So the stream will be from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm CST! Happy Fourth of July!

  15. Hey Sim we need an international episode. Other countries going at it including the usa to find fastest in the world. Australia would win 😉.

  16. Exactly why Big Chief left. Street Outlaws has become the junior leagues for NHRA, there is NO MORE street aspect besides what they race on.
    When it all started, were they running multiple cars, was there full fledged pit crews at each trailer, was it on tracks????
    I fully understand with success comes growth but the OG showed regular dudes that spent their pennies to build their car & get out there. Now it's full of well off drag racers that have $$$$ to drop the best of the best parts & setups into their car(s) & once in while they 'race' on a public street.
    You want REAL street outlaws…..visit Limpy & those of his ilk. Discovery Street Outlaws is dead.

  17. I agree with you Sim. The drivers who are not on any of the tv shows are going to focus on the second part of the NPK season. It is going to be tough for the drivers who are filming to get any rest.

  18. jj da boss is ruining the franchise. If I wanted to watch someone yell at everyone while trying to cheat them. I go down to the bus stop. Jj so jealous of Ryan Martin, it's embarrassing to watch.

  19. Seeing how NPK has done their level best to get Ryan out of the top spot, should actually win the top spot again he should pull out of any future NPK shows and see how fast the ratings tank. Having extra point races and the joke of these bounties is the beginning of the end for the NPK. Sure looks like JJ had a hand in these rules, just go ahead and put that bs rule of chase is a race and the show will be a laughing stock. The NFL does not give an extra man on defense when a team plays Brady. Stop ruinin a good race format.

  20. As you get older you’ll look back on this and understand what I’m about to say and why.
    When something means as much to someone as NPK does to Ryan & Kye…. the continuing to film is nothing to those guys as that’s what they do and would be doing even if they weren’t racing.
    Second… imo… thinking the time off gives Justin an advantage is wishful thinking. I “get” that you’re not a huge Ryan Martin fan and want someone different to win NPK (which is ok) but to me it’s like Tiger Woods or Tom Brady… all they do is win…hence the reason why they’re also hated at the same time.
    Great show

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