Why Big Chief Is Not Racing In NPK – No Prep News Episode 89

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  1. Npk is becoming a money players club, plain and simple. Look at how many guys have sponsor built cars now. They will keep making the rules to get rid of the street racers and bring in nhra type drag racing cars and money. Cheif has more respect from me for keeping his car street instead of doing the bs to follow the npk rule changes.

  2. Are you around the Cordova area? I was planning on going last weekend because I live like 20 min away. I can not wait until the beginning of August now though

  3. Get the word from Jackie and Chief….I bet he's just taking a break….changing a wing is easy and if Chief wanted to race NPK he'd just switch wings to be legal like everyone else. On top of that, the black car wouldn't be competitive this season without serious updates…why do that when you can make bank at grudge races closer to home and doing RC stuff….be different if he had big sponsors with huge bankrolls like the rest of the top NPK programs.

  4. It amazes me that the wing on chiefs car is illegal for no prep kings but I’m looking at swan gangs car thinking dam that looks like a pro mod. Looks like that whole car is a shell that just comes off .. stoopid rooles for no prep

  5. Sounds to me like an „official“ explanation to something that has an inofficial one. If he truly wanted to race, he would have made the adjustments just like all the others did.

  6. I watch Cheif win npk love in Colorado last season was really hoping to watch him do it again but sounds like that won't be happening. You are killing it on YouTube keep it up #ttve

  7. Ok tbh I've been away for a bit. Haven't been watching lately. So I mean no disrespect by asking, do you work for MIDWEST STREET CARS? As like a paid spokesperson ?? Just curious. Love the energy you bring to your videos !! And you seem very genuine!! The videos in #BETSY were my faves. Wish you the greatest success !!

  8. Do you know how stupid you sound? He isn't racing because of wing? A stupid bolt on item that he could change in an hour, that's what you think? Do you even know these guys get paid for every episode they are on right? And with chief's name.he probably gets anywhere from 10-30k per episode and you think he gave it up for a wing? The probable reason is they probably couldn't come to an agreement on money. Seriously, if you're going to report things get facts instead of your opinion. Or maybe go into politics.

  9. The rules will eventually kill the class off.
    Steel roof and quarters… a safe cage… and dam the rest… run what you brung and hope you brought enough!! That's what people wanna see!!! This is why I don't watch pro stock too many rules ..

  10. Well racing at these events takes a lot of time and money. Basically a full time job that doesn't pay much (most less known racers lose money).
    I think he wants to spend more time on Jackie's car and RC. Did they film the all girls show yet?
    And has Kayla been racing NPK this year?

  11. I was fortunate enough to go to the West Palm race this year and the crew told me that Aftershock was not actually built for No Prep. The new car Kye has was built specifically for No prep as is Lizzy’s new car.

  12. Chief and Pontiac are my favorite driver and car. Unfortunately the Crow is no longer competitive in No Prep. Chief knows it. He doesn’t need a new car for the street but No prep is on the next level now and the field is always getting faster and more consistent.

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